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Stassi Schroeder and Scheana Shay pose together in Las Vegas.

'Vanderpump Rules' Star Stassi Schroeder Offered Support To Scheana Shay After She Suffered A Miscarriage

Gettyimages | Mindy Small
By Lindsay Cronin

Stassi Schroeder and Scheana Shay haven't exactly been the best of friends throughout their time together on "Vanderpump Rules" but after learning that Scheana had suffered a miscarriage, Stassi, who recently confirmed she and Beau Clark are expecting their first child together, immediately offered her support.

Weeks after being fired from her full-time position on the Bravo reality series, Stassi has been in close contact with Scheana, who continues to grieve the loss of what would have been her first child with boyfriend Brock Davies.

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Scheana Shay Was Excited To Be Pregnant At The Same Time As Stassi Schroeder

Brock Davies and Scheana Marie appear on her YouTube series.

During an episode of her podcast, "Scheananigans," via Reality Blurb, Scheana said she was excited about being pregnant at the same time as her former co-star but began spotting shortly after she learned the two of them were both expecting their first children.

“I obviously text her congratulations, but I don’t say anything about me because not only did I start bleeding the night before and I’m worried I’m having a miscarriage, but it was too early,” Scheana recalled. “I was only, I think at that time, about five weeks. So I wasn’t really telling anyone other than my two best friends, my mom, and my sister, obviously Brock.”

Scheana Shay Has A Ton Of Support Around Her

Scheana Marie and Brock Davies show off long hair.

After she began to spot, Scheana went to her OBGYN, where she tragically learned that her child showed “no heartbeat” or growth and ultimately returned home “to naturally miscarry.”

While Scheana was understandably devastated by the loss, her friends, family, and boyfriend, supported her through her heartbreak and when it came to her relationship with Stassi, the two of them began talking to one another more than they ever had.

“She sent me the sweetest, most heartfelt message just genuinely being there for me and that really meant a lot," Scheana shared.

Stassi Schroeder And Beau Clark Started Their Family After Postponing Their Wedding

Scheana Shay and Brock Davies pose on a cliff.

According to Scheana, she especially appreciated Stassi's kind words because she is currently pregnant and likely can't imagine having to cope with the loss of an unborn child.

While Stassi and Beau previously planned to wait to conceive their first child until after they tie the knot in Italy, the coronavirus led the two of them to postpone their ceremony until next year and shortly after doing so, they learned their first child would be arriving sometime in January of next year.

Brock Davies Will Likely Be Seen On 'Vanderpump Rules' Season Nine

Brock Davies and Scheana Shay dress up.

When the ninth season of "Vanderpump Rules" begins filming in the coming weeks, Scheana is expected to be one of the many cast members of the series who will be returning. After all, she's played a vital role on the show ever since it first began airing on Bravo in January 2013.

As for what fans will be seeing from Scheana when the show returns, viewers can expect to meet her new boyfriend and potentially get a look inside her new home in Palm Springs, California.

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