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B Simone may be pretty, but is also pretty controversial right now

B Simone Thirst Talks Black Women Support & New Rap EP: Gets Canceled Again

B Simone / Instagram
By Rima Pundir

B Simone took to social media with new posts that played out well together in her head. In the first, she talks about how black women need each other's support, and in the next she announced her new Rap EP, dropping soon.

She has been in the news a lot lately, accused of plagiarism by many in her book, and also under fire for stating she couldn't date anyone with a 9-5 job.

Plus, some earlier LGBTQ comments of hers are also coming back to haunt her, so B Simone is getting canceled on three counts, never mind the sexy pictures...

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B Simone Gets Hot, Wet & Wild Talking Black Women Support

B Simone shows off bawdy in bikini
B Simone / Instagram

In the first post, probably as a response to the social media trouncing, she has been at the receiving end of recently, B Simone said, "I am a black woman who has been through more than you can imagine. Why would I EVER tear another woman down? I have a mind of my f**king own and I support who I like! I’m a fan of so many of my peers."

While most fans responded to this with positivity, one had a clear cut question, "Well said! But umm who did they say she couldn't support?"

Here's the full post...

Manifesting Plagiarism In Her Book

B Simone strips to bikini to announce rap EP
B Simone / Instagram

Other fans also took a chance to troll her a bit with comments like, "You said f**king so much I felt like it was your inner self arguing with your celibate self".

B Simone has been receiving more hate than love on social media nowadays, and the reasons are trifold.

Her best-selling book, "Manifest The Life You Want" was not only accused of being plagiaristic but Simone agreed, apologized and took full responsibility for it, though she blamed it on her "outsourcing" team.

Here's the apology video of the same...

Can't Date A 9-to-5 Man

B Simone wants an elevated man
B Simone / Instagram

When B Simone took to Instagram and Twitter to announce the dropping of her new rap EP, she got trolled pretty quick.

And the reason was not just the book plagiarism but the claim she made that now she did not want to date a 9-to-5 man but someone who was more "elevated" than that.

Her new rap EP announcement received comments like, "Wait... first tell us what website you got the lyrics from ?"

Another one went: "Is it dropping at 9 am or 5 pm ?"

Here's B Simone talking 9 to 5 men and elevation...

Is OK With The Lettuce, Bacon, Tomato Community!

B Simone is getting trolled by social media
B Simone / Instagram

B Simone's bad luck streak doesn't end here. The cherry on the top was an old podcast interview "Whoreible Decisions" that resurfaced in which Simone is heard saying, "I have nothing against the LGBT, lettuce, bacon, tomato community, but I love all y'all. One of my best friends is a tr*nny but she's honest and open."

To this, one Twitter user had a befitting reply, "Being transphobic does not only mean physical violence towards ppl who are trans, but it’s also those nasty little microaggressions, using slurs, making hateful “jokes” at the expense of a community whose life expectancy is under 35. F**k B Simone."

So, are fans truly ready for her rap EP? This is her announcement...

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