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Porsha Williams leaves nothing to imagination in this photo as she looks stunning in this blue sequence design v-neck outfit.

Porsha Williams Stops Eating Completely In Instagram Announcement As NeNe Leakes Lands New Show

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By Favour

Will [Porsha Williams]( really attempt to pass up a nice meal in the next 36 hours?

The reality star took to Instagram to reveal to her fans that she has begun a compulsory fast that will last for 36 hours. This is super brave and daring of Williams and it seems like her fans are encouraging her to last the test of time.

What do you think Williams hopes to achieve with this fast? Read below to find out more details.

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A photo showing a countdown timer by Porsha Williams.
Instagram | Porsha4real

Porsha Williams said that this 36 hours no-food journey, will help her attain mental clarity and reduce the stress she has been feeling.

She also states that this exercise will help to cleanse her entire body and give her a feeling of well being. Williams also urged her fans who are willing to go through this journey with her, to make sure that they are in the best physical position to undergo a fast.

Well, she wouldn’t want anyone collapsing when they should be experiencing mind cleansing.

Porsha Williams looks elegant in this black body-hug dress and designer jacket with furry edges.
Instagram | Porsha4real

Coupled with the fasting exercise, Williams revealed that she will observe prayers and meditations for her mind and body.

So guys, Williams has cancelled any and every date night that involves wine and pastries, because she is about to get cleansed!

For everyone out there, do you think she will last the test of time? If you could go 36 hours without food to heal your mind and body, will you take it? Let us know in the comment section below.

An amazing image showing Porsha Williams sporting a black blouse and blue denim pant, while sitting on the tiles of her home.
Instagram | Porsha4real

Now that everyone knows how Williams intends to flush her entire body and stay beautiful. Here are some facts about her:

Porsha Williams was born on June 22, 1981 in Atlanta Georgia. In 2012, she became a member of The Real Housewives if Atlanta, which was making preparations to air its fifth season.

Williams’s grandfather, Hosea Williams, was a popular civil rights activist and she lived with two siblings and her entrepreneurial parents in Georgia.

At a young age, all Porsha wanted to be, was a successful model.


Although her modeling career did not go the way it should have, Williams always wanted to be independent. Therefore, at age 24, she established a daycare facility.

Porsha’s appearance on “RHOA” was received with mixed feelings initially, however, after a while, fans began to love her for being real. In some cases; too real. The reality star has been in an ongoing feud with one of her co-housewives known as Kenya Moore

The duo once got into an altercation which led to Williams’ arrest one March 2014.

On the other hand, another "RHOA" former star known as Nene Leakes has recently landed a comedy based beauty competition series on E! The reality star does not intend to slow her tussle anytime soon. Congratulations Leakes!

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