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Brandi Glanville appearing on "Watch What Happens Live

RHOBH Camille Grammer Insinuates Brandi Glanville Is A Liar After Posting Misleading Throwback Photo

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By Ona L

Brandi Glanville was back to stirring up trouble this weekend. The former “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” cast member shared a throwback picture of a herself and a woman she identified as “DR” allegedly making out at a restaurant. Further stirring the pot with the current cast of the show. Now, another former cast member and habitual “friend of the show” Camille Grammer is calling out Glanville for lying about the Denise Richards affair drama. Fans of the show have been patiently waiting for Glanville and Richards to duke it out on camera but in the meantime, the desperate former housewife has been fanning the flames.

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Brandi Loves To Stir The Pot

Brandi showing off her glam
@brandiglanville Instagram

Glanville posted the suspiciously grainy photo on Twitter and shared with fans a fun fact about herself, her “love language is kissing”. She captioned the photo, “making dinner for my fam/neighbors - #snack on this”. But prying fans wanted to know exactly what she as insinuating when she posted the photo. Most assumed she was looking for attention and even went as far as to say that the woman she is kissing in the photo is not even Richards. Glanville is not one to backdown when she is called a liar, she posted again saying “It’s 1millionpercent DR !!!Not A DR Look alike”.

The Drama Hasn't Even Begun Yet

Denise taking a break to admire her makeup
@deniserichards Instagram

She must have been in a rush because her punctuation and spacing was all kinds of messy. The attention seeker didn’t dare tag Richards or really any of the other housewives but unfortunately, for her, Grammer saw it. “Ugh. That was season 9 while filming when they met up for drinks,” shared the one-time cast member. Apparently, the kiss was a simple goodbye or greeting kiss when the women met up way back in 2018. Grammer took one last dig at Glanville by attaching the Pinocchio to the end of her post. Not only was she insinuating that Glanville was a liar, she also shared a picture of her own.

Camille Is The Real "Truth Cannon"

Camille taking a selfie showing off her glow
@therealcamille Instagram

Grammer posted an accompanying photo of the women wearing the same outfits they were wearing in Glanville’s photo but not in such an intimate light. She followed that up with a clarifying tweet. “Nothing more than a goodbye, thanks for filming with me side kiss” fans have been anxiously waiting for Glanville to blow up the “Wild Things” star life since it was leaked that one of the storylines this season would be about an alleged affair between the two women.

Denise Is Definitely Struggling

Giphy | T. Kyle

Unfortunately, for fans the show has been on hiatus for the last several weeks meaning they have been having to sit desperately and wait while Glanville teases them with tidbits of information. Whether it’s real or not, only time will tell. In the meantime, sources have shared that Richards is desperately trying to save her 2-year long marriage to Aaron Phypers who is reportedly very upset that his wife allegedly had an affair and that it is now public knowledge.

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