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#NoJohnnyNoPirates Trends After Depp Loses Iconic Pirate Role to Margot Robbie

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By Gary Trock

Fans of Captain Jack Sparrow are not happy after hearing that Johnny Depp will not be continuing on the long-running Disney franchise that he helped build with his own blood, sweat, tears and rum. It was recently announced that Disney is planning on rebooting the "Pirates of the Caribbean" franchise, except this time Margot Robbie will be at the helm of a reported female-driven film written by "Birds of Prey" writer Christina Hodson.

The other big surprise is that Robbie's character will essentially exist in a Jack Sparrow-less universe.

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Not Mad At Margot


Although many die-hard Johnny Depp fans are enraged that their hero has been knocked out of his starring role for "Pirates," they are not mad at Margot Robbie for taking over the franchise.

"I would just like to point out that I’m not against Margot Robbie starring in a Pirates Of The Caribbean movie. I just think she should be starring along side Johnny Depp who made the franchise what it is," one fan suggested on Twitter.

"I’m a Margot Robbie fan, she’s great. But there IS no ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ without Johnny Depp," another fan wrote.

#NoJohnnyNoPirates Trends


Obviously upset over Depp getting the axe from the franchise after 5 films, a grassroots effort began circulating to get people to boycott the film.

#NoJohnnyNoPirates began trending on Twitter and has been steadily growing more supporters over the past few days.

"Disney originally hated Johnny’s portrayal of Captain Jack but the audience loved him & it’s because of him there is a franchise that earned billions. Disney didn’t know what the audience wanted then & apparently still don’t despite us telling them loud & clear," one fan wrote in support of Depp.

"I’m boycotting the new pirates. This is disgusting," a second fan proclaimed.

Amber Heard's Fault?

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In the wake of Johnny Depp losing his "Pirates of the Carribbean" spot to Margot Robbie, many people are pointing the finger at Amber Heard. As Heard and Depp are still involved in ongoing litigation and accusations of domestic violence, some believe Disney was caving to the pressure by getting rid of Depp.

"Johnny Depp was abused by his ex-wife and he lost his iconic role in Pirates of the Caribbean because of it, tell me again how false accusations don't ruin people's lives."

As with many involved in the public argument between Depp and Heard these days, many people are voicing their opinion not because they are fans of Depp, but because they are advocates against domestic violence.

"Yeah, I’d feel way more positively about this if Johnny Depp wasn’t going to the ends of the earth to prove he lost Jack Sparrow because of false allegations from Amber Heard," stated one passionate user on Twitter.

They added, "This is apparently Disney’s way of saying 'f--k you' to a domestic violence victim."

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