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Jasmin and Blake had an usual relationship when it came to common interests.

’90 Day Fiancé’'s Blake Feels Other Aspects Of His Relationship With Jasmin Were Left Out Of The Show

By Yuriy Andriyashchuk

Jasmin and Blake appeared on ’90 Day Fiancé’'s 'Before The 90 Days' in 2019 and many felt that their relationship was awkward to say the least. She didn't support his music career much and didn't enjoy their outings with his friends much. Blake's parents also didn't let them stay at their home before getting married. They also didn't like how Jasmin just wanted to be a stay at home wife. This is all after Jasmin came all the way from Finland to start her life with him in Los Angeles. She also voiced her concerns to her sister, who was also in LA.

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Blake believes viewers didn't get to see other sides of his relationship with Jasmin on the show.

Blake appeared on The Domenick Nati Show on June 29 and discussed the show along with what viewers didn't get to see from his and Jasmin's relationship.

“I can see that things, to an extent, have been exaggerated," said Blake regarding if he believes scenes in the show were exaggerated. "I’m not gonna say, ‘Oh, this is completely false.’ But, you know, there are things that have been exaggerated that made it seem like worse than it was, or worse than it is,” he said.

Blake also didn't believe that Jasmin didn't like his music, contrary what viewers thought.

Blake also downplayed how many believed that Jasmin wasn't into his music. One moment of this was when she went to see him perform with his record label at a local venue and she was just sitting in a booth instead of being front and center of the action.

“For example, the music thing. She doesn’t like my music or whatever. Obviously, when we’re being filmed we’re talking about it, but you don’t hear the full conversation. You hear little parts of it. So it seems that way. Yeah, of course, we said it. But it depends on the context. You don’t know the context of how we say it,” he said.

Blake explained that the thinks the show is exaggerated at times.

“I really can’t be mad at the viewers for that, now that we get it. But it is annoying. Because you didn’t know how it would be,” he said, adding later that he “get[s] it because I get to see the other seasons and the other couples and what they’re used to.”

Blake then explained how viewers only saw certain things of their relationship. According to him, there was a lot more positivity that was left out and could've seen better situations.

Despite being at odds at times, Jasmin and Blake did end up getting married.

“We shot crazy cool stuff that was left out. So it just seems like my friends are nagging her, she’s not getting along with them, she hates my music, she’s using me, and she just wants to be with her sister. But the stuff that was actually cool and loving and nice, you know, you missed,” Blake said.

Despite being at odds at times, two did end up getting married. As of now, Blake is still president of Supratta Records in Los Angeles.

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