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Sommer Ray on black sand beaches

Sommer Ray Ditches Bra To Complain About Size On Instagram, Fans Holler 'It's Perfect'

Sommer Ray / Instagram
By Rima Pundir

Sommer Ray just melted Instagram with a trio of sultry snaps shared this week, and the post has clocked one million likes already and counting.

The cutest bit about the post was Sommer laughing at herself and her lack of attributes, only, fans saw her as being absolute perfection.

Wearing a white denim jacket, unbuttoned, with nothing but her gorgeous skin underneath, the post did receive some NSFW comments but since Sommer never replies, its doubtful she even read them in the first place.

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Sommer Goes Denim All Through

Sommer Ray in a white denim jacket and bare skin
Sommer Ray / Instagram

Sommer Ray, who once dated the likes of Machine Gun Kelly, labeled her post as with the words "I wish all my problems were as small as my boobs" and fans rallied around her "lack of curves".

Said one, "They are small but perfect" and there were plenty of other comments to this tune, some painting a rather risque picture as well.

Posing on a bare and dusty road with a dilapidated motel in the background, Sommer looked as hot as the desert, if not more.

Catch her generating more heat at the beach in the pics below...

She Ditched The Bra

Sommer Ray in a white denim jacket and bare skin
Sommer Ray / Instagram

In the very first picture, Sommer stares at the camera with heat turned on high, as she wears acid-washed blue jeans and a white denim jacket.

Her gorgeous blonde hair tumbles down in disarray as she tousles them with both hands, and underneath the jacket there's nothing but what her mama gave her.

Being Sommer, none of the pictures cross any NSFW lines, as she looks classy as ever showing curves, but nothing more.

Here's Sommer announcing her all-natural body for all to hear, and see

Enough Heat To Melt The Desert

Sommer Ray in a white denim jacket and bare skin
Sommer Ray / Instagram

Unlike other Instagram influencers like Daisy Keech, Sommer Ray did not go to the doc to get parts of her body certified as "all-natural", but then again, with 24.8 million followers on Instagram, it's not as if she needs to.

With an extremely fit body, mostly because she works hard and eats right, Sommer does not need too many props or makeup to look pretty.

In fact, in the pictures below, an outdoor setting with Sommer wearing a tiny black skirt and bandanna on top was enough to get a million likes.

Sommer Keeps It Real & Grounded

Sommer Ray shows off her sculpted body
Sommer Ray / Instagram

For now, it seems Sommer is back with her on-again-off-again romance, Taylor Holder, also a TikToker and social media personality.

All of 23 years old, Sommer's star is on a perpetual high, and she is one social media influencer who barely ever puts up sponsored posts unless she is talking about her own product line.

So beautiful, successful, intelligent, and with millions of followers. Must be fun to be Sommer Ray, or then again, she did say, "Do you love me or just the idea of me?"

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