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Britney Spears with her new bangs

Britney Spears Uses Sweat-Drenched Body To 'Speak For Me' In Gravity-Defying Shorts

Britney Spears / Instagram
By Rima Pundir

"Queen B", as in Britney Spears, is back, with more videos on Instagram. In one post, she added two videos, shot on Sunday night, and they show her dancing freestyle to two different songs.

Posted 11 hours ago, the videos have already clocked some 720,000 likes, and fans are busy calling her queen, all over again. This, after Britney got trolled for using the Queen B moniker, which basically belongs to Beyoncé. But for Spears' fans, she is and will always be the queen, never mind the alphabets.

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Is Britney Stable Now?

Britney Spears in a crop top & low, low shorts
Britney Spears / Instagram

After Britney broke from Disney when "The Mickey Mouse Club" was canceled, it was then that her rise to fame began. However, a meteoric rise can lead to too much too soon, and Spears had a spectacular downfall when she got married to men and divorced them equally quickly, and even had her sons taken away from her in a custody battle.

Spears hit many, many lows before things began to look up for her, and her current beau, fitness trainer and model Sam Asghari seems to have a calming influence on her. Here's the couple having a beach frolic.

Britney's Killer Moves On Instagram

Britney Spears looking gorgeous in a red top
Britney Spears / Instagram

Meanwhile, Instagram is smitten with Britney Spears and more than 24.5 million followers who are happy to like her every post and dub her the queen of plentiful posts while they are at it.

Her latest dance moves seem to have hit the right note with the fans and she has thousands of likes on the post to prove it.

Her caption read, "I like to freestyle !!!!! There’s no routine here …. I’m just using my body to speak for me how it feels ..... 🌸🌹💋 !!!!!!! PS this was shot just last night 😜😜😜!!!!!!"

Watch her freestyle, below...

Queen Of Freestyle? Or Off Again?

Britney Spears shows plenty cleavage
Britney Spears / Instagram

The very first comment she received was "queen of freestyle" and got some 2,877 likes.

That said; many followers trolled Britney by saying "she's off again" or "I love her music who TF lets her post?".

In shorts that were as high as high could be in the leg area, and as rolled down they could be in the stomach area because Britney rolled them down, Brit-Brit gave her fans quite the skin show. Not that it went unappreciated.

Here's another pair of even shorter shorts...

Fans Prefer Catwalk Video To The Dance Moves

Britney Spears' Insta selfie
Britney Spears / Instagram

Britney posted another video as well, though she clarified that it was shot two days ago.

In it, she catwalks, repeatedly, off and into the camera from either side, showing off three different outfits giving her favorite song from her album "Glory", "Just Like Me" a lot of love.

While she got 1.7 million views for this one, the trolls were back in full force. One said, "What’s the purpose of this video. This isn’t normal."

Another fan replied, "you know she's doing this on purpose"...

Either which way, the song is cool, and Britney is hot. Watch her catwalk in an Alexander McQueen lace blazer below...

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