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Kim Kardashian with hair down

Kim Kardashian Gets Red Hot Hair Change With Fiery Video On Twitter

Gettyimages | Lars Niki
By Jacob Highley

Kim Kardashian has gone full red-hot chili peppers with a new hair coloring that’s left viewers blown away. The 39-year-old posh beauty model is nothing short of fabulous in her latest Twitter video. Although her recent posts on Instagram haven’t caught up to her recent hair change, long time followers will immediately appreciate how fresh this color change looks on Kim.

The “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” star has been pretty busy focusing on her law degree and on being an advocate for social reforms, but still manages a professional modeling career like a pro.

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Kim The Leather Clad Beauty

Kim Kardashian in corset
Instagram @kimkardashian

One of her last photos which came up yesterday (Sunday) was one of the shots taken for Father’s Day, which had their whole family dress up and take pictures with an epic rural background.

It goes without saying that Kim’s outfit was something straight out of the 5th Element, with a very ranch styling through and through. The outfit complemented her waist and hugged her chest amazingly. Were Kanye more expressive on Camera, there is no doubt that he would have been smiling ear to ear at the mere sight of her.

Cowgirl Kim

Kim Kardashian in leather
Instagram @kimkardashian

The last time we saw Kim dawn an outfit like this was when she posted a stylish cowgirl outfit with the caption of a cowboy emoji. Every outfit from Kim seems to be like someone going into their closet and coming out of a time portal. Kim never ceases to amaze no matter what outfit or theme.

Another notable video was when Kim wore a corset for a fashion shoot. The look turned out absolutely beautiful! And that’s saying something considering how often she wears form-fitting apparel.

Jennifer Lawrence Interviews Kim

Kim kardashian in cowgirl outfit
Instagram @kimkardashian

Kim is well known for her big lips, flowing hair, and hour-glass figure, but hot dang who knew a corset could show off her curves better than Skims! (Which could be up for debate, since fans didn't all take to the look in the comments!)

Honestly, fans haven’t seen such a fresh look for Kim since that interview with Jennifer Lawrence on the Jimmy Kimmel Show in 2017. (Talking about her personal life, not her clothing FYI)

Plus it helps that her family life continues to flourish.

Family Life Flourishing

Kim Kardashian with black top
Gettyimages | Amy Sussman

Since her marriage with Kanye in 2014, the two have continued to delight fans with sweet family updates, and celebrations together. Just like when she celebrated Kanye’s birthday. The photo was such an iconic moment with the two of them hugging and smiling attractively.

Speaking of celebrations, Kim just celebrated 3 years of her beauty brand on June 21 writing:

“Today is the 3-year anniversary @kkwbeauty !!!! I am so grateful to our customers, our creative collaborators, the beautiful faces we have had the opportunity to photograph and my team.”

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