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Erika Jayne with blonde hair

'RHOBH's Erika Jayne Posts Mind-Meltingly Hot Lingerie Photos On Instagram, Says 'I Like Lingerie'

Instagram @theprettymess
By Jacob Highley

Erika Jayne is the kinda gal that you want to buy a drink for, but you wonder if she’ll turn it down because she’s divine like fine wine. This 48-year-old reality TV star just posted some incredibly sexy updates on her social media accounts.

Predominantly seen on “The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills”, Erika was one of the most posh members of the cast in 2015 gaining an ever increasing fan base after leaving the reality TV show and taking part on “Dancing With The Stars in 2017,

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'I Like Lingerie'

Erika Jayne with lights on
Instagram @theprettymess

Erika, ever youthful and foxy, can be seen wearing an absolutely sensuous getup. Her outfit includes a black lingerie top which features a head-spinning keyhole cutout putting her chest on full view. While her stomach remains bare just above her scanty clad black bottoms which hug her hips and accentuate her simply luscious “V”.

Her caption may very well be an understatement of grand proportions, but it teases so good that fans don’t really care:

“I like lingerie. We understand each other.”

'No Plans'

Erika Jayne on stage
Instagram @theprettymess

It is fairly reasonable to assume that most of Erika’s male audience would like to “understand” her as well as her lingerie. Plus, it’s not like she’s shy!

Last week she posted a picture of herself lying on her bed with a top-down view of herself wearing a tight black cropped dress that made her look fascinatingly fetching.

Her caption was enough for viewers to go mad: “Saturday night and no plans … Call Me playing softly in background“. No plans, wearing that dress, hot dang.

33 Years Older, And 20 Years Married

Giphy | Slice

Ironically, the blonde beauty isn’t single! She’s married to 81-year-old Thomas Girardi, founder of a law firm in Los Angeles, CA. They’ve been together for about 21 years now since 1999 and they couldn’t be happier!

In an interview with Bravo TV, Erika detailed how marrying Thomas was one of the best decisions she ever made:

"Yeah I married a guy that's 33 years older than me and yeah he's got a lot of money, but you know what? He's a f--king good man. And that is the most important thing."


Erika Jayne with black outfit
Gettyimages | David Crotty

Erika has also been known to be a bit sassy on the topic of her marriage due to the age difference. But any time it comes up now, she can immediately prove that love has no age limit and that what she and Thomas has is real.

"I've dealt with this forever: the younger woman that married the wealthier, older man," she said. "I mean, I'm tired of having to justify my 20-year marriage. Go get a 20-year marriage, then come f--king talk to me."

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