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'Teen Mom' Star Cole DeBoer Shares Heartfelt Message For Chelsea Houska

By Clark Sparky

"Teen Mom" couple Cole DeBoer and Chelsea Houska are building their dream home together in South Dakota, and there's no one he'd rather be doing it with. He posted a photo of Houska writing a message in Sharpie on a wood stud, and posted some touching words about his wife.

"Beyond grateful for this life and the love of my beautiful family. [Chelsea Houska] you are our rock," DeBoer wrote.

Gettyimages | Jeff Bottari

Houska was writing a heartfelt message of her own on the walls. "Thank you for this life, this house and this family," she could be seen writing in the photo. The couple, who share two kids together -- Watson, 3, and one-year-old daughter Layne -- started building the new family home back in April.

They have been updating fans on the progress of the house in a separate Instagram feed called Down Home DeBoers.


Earlier this month, Houska posted photos of the outside of the home and was elated about the progress.

"Wooooah. We got roofing and WINDOWS! Holy," she wrote. One of the things we always envisioned for the placement of this house was the view. We wanted to be able to see down the tree line and also be able to look out over the pond. I don’t know how they did it, but they lined this baby up PERFECTLY."


She added that she can't wait to watch the wildlife run by from the comfort of her new living room. Houska has even picked out the perfect spot for their Christmas tree. If all goes well, they will be moved in in time for the holidays this year.

"Another thing that was important to me was CHRISTMAS. TREE. PLACEMENT. And I think we got a pretty shweet spot for a big one of those!" she said.


Houska added, "A lot of people are asking when our move in date is, and it’s looking like November! Which means we will hopefully get to decorate this house for Christmas this year! Why am I so excited about that?! Lol!"

The happy couple first shared the property in an Instagram video in January. The house will sit on a sprawling piece of untouched land where there will be plenty of nature to enjoy and seemingly no neighbors in sight.

"This was the first time we actually got to go out on the lot! It’s gonna be pretty amazing watching the transformation," they captioned the post that took fans on a video tour of the land.

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