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Alexandra Daddario's "Those Eyes"

Alexandra Daddario Makes A 'Spectacle' Of Herself On Instagram With Jaw-Dropping Peepers

Gettyimages | Sonia Moskowitz
By Rima Pundir

Alexandra Daddario sizzles in just about anything, including her latest pictures on Instagram where she seems to be making a "spectacle" of herself, by wearing a pair that is!

Nothing can hide the beauty of that face and those gorgeous eyes as they pierce through the computer screen and bore into the souls of her 16.2 million followers on Instagram.

The 34-year-old "Baywatch" star seems to have made it a point to appear in Dwayne Johnson's films, as she was also in "San Andreas" and "Rampage", though her scenes were cut in the latter film.

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Daddario's Spectacles Bring Out "Those Eyes"

Alexandra Daddario has stunning eyes
Alexandra Daddario / Instagram

Meanwhile, fans cannot get enough of her on social media, and each post of hers reaches the millions in likes with ease.

For now, it seems Daddario is brushing up on complicated English words as she posted the definition of surreal on Sunday, with the caption, "surreal... disorienting, unreal, fantastic; having the hallucinatory quality of being in a dream."

Along with the caption, Daddario posted four pictures, one of herself, two of her dog, and one of many purple flowers.

Meanwhile, it seems that despite "Baywatch", Daddario really does not know how to paddleboard!

Fans Are Awed By Her Beauty

Alexandra Daddario sizzles in a red outfit
Alexandra Daddario / Instagram

Fans were shook by "those eyes" and many waxed eloquent over them, marveling over their beauty and clarity.

Another fan wanted to twin with Daddario and was interested in talking about how they too had the same glasses back in 1992. Fair enough, but no one can match the eyes that fans exclaimed over in comments like "I am in love with your eyes".

What's even more piercing about Daddario, is her undeniable talent that came through in her risque role in HBO's "True Detective" where she played Woody Harrelson's love interest.

Her Siblings Are Actors Too

Alexandra Daddario's brother and sister are actors too
Alexandra Daddario / Instagram

Daddario's parentage is as non-Hollywood as it could be with her mother Christina being a lawyer, and her father, Richard Daddario, being a prosecutor and former head of the New York City Police Department counter-terrorism unit.

Along with Alexandra, her sister Catharine and her brother Matthew also went into acting. In fact, Matthew Daddario played Alec Lightwood on "Shadowhunters", Freeform's supernatural series based on Cassandra Clare's "The Mortal Instruments" series of books.

While any of the Daddario siblings could have chosen law, they turned to acting instead, something fans are thankful for.

She Is Amazed By Her Fan Following

Alexandra Daddario with her pooch
Alexandra Daddario / Instagram

Daddario's latest was"We Summon The Darkness", a 2019 horror movie that did okay, for the most part, managing on a rather pedestrian plot with decent direction and acting. With Daddario's eyes, playing crazed killer seems to have come to her naturally.

Her next is a version of Romeo & Juliet, dubbed "Die in a Gunfight" opposite Diego Boneta. Two other movies are also up and coming, and in post-production.

Daddario has more than 16 million followers on Instagram and says that the followers' numbers took her by surprise, which is why she says, "I try not to take life too seriously. Life is hard as it is and I’m pretty lucky to have the social media following I have, even if it was a surprise to me.”

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