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Janelle Monáe stuns wearing nothing but a hat

Janelle Monáe Celebrates Pride In The Buff, Fans Flip Over Pit Hair

Janelle Monáe / Instagram
By Rima Pundir

Singer, songwriter, rapper, actress, and producer Janelle Monáe just set Instagram on fire by posting her racy pictures, shot to celebrate pride for the Gay Letter magazine.

Fans tripped over themselves in a hurry to like or comment on the hot pictures that showed Janelle Monáe mostly in the buff, wrapped in nothing more than white sheets and sheer sass, dripping lava, if you talk about hotness here.

The shoot was Janelle's way of celebrating pride, and she looked absolutely stunning.

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She Isn't Non-Binary. Yet.

Janelle Monáe in nothing but white sheets
Janelle Monáe / Instagram

Janelle Monáe came out as non-binary in January, or so media reported. Only, she didn't, her "#IAmNon-Binary" tweet was to show solidarity with the Non-Binary Day and ended up posting a meme from "Steven Universe".

While she may not identify as non-binary, she later told Variety magazine that she does not live life the binary way either.

Her self-shot portrait pictures for Gay Letter magazine are raising pride spirits high on Instagram nonetheless, with fans loving her "gorgeous soul and beauty" for it.

Fans Want To Be Her Toothbrush

Janelle Monáe sets teeth brushing goals in the buff
Janelle Monáe / Instagram

The pictures, meanwhile, only got hotter as Janelle showed off more and more of that beautiful chocolate skin and curves.

Other gorgeous celebrities could not help commenting with Halle Berry going, "Girlllll" with foxy emojis following.

Zoe Kravitz went with a heartfelt "ooooofffffg" and other fans too expressed how the heat of the pictures had them sucker punched.

Kelly Rowland also had beautiful things to say about Janelle Monáe, "you are the FLYEST" while others too vociferously added how Janelle looked "fine, FINE".

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Vagina Pants + Being An Android

Janelle Monáe is a "Wild Seed"
Janelle Monáe / Instagram

Other than looking hot, for Janelle to strip to a bare skin shoot for Gay Letter magazine was perceived by many as being the ultimate pride celebration.

Famous for wearing vagina pants in the song "PYNK", which were recently auctioned off by Lizzo to help the black lives matter movement, Janelle Monáe is tight-lipped about her sexuality though has said that she's like for both men and women to find her attractive.

Janelle calls herself an android, one who is neither man nor woman, and believes that when it comes to her personal choices, she has nothing to "declare".

Instagram Pit Hair Wars

Yay or nay for Janelle Monáe and her pit hair?
Janelle Monáe / Instagram

Meanwhile, Instagram erupted in a war of words, emojis, and likes or dislikes over the pit hair Janelle displayed in one of the pictures.

One fan commented, "she done gone and went and made armpit hair sexy. Undefeated!" and got 428 likes. One of the replies to this was negative though, "I ain’t ready for that hair look yet lol she bad bad doe".

Not that Janelle Monáe cares. She will do she, and in the best way possible, making fans exclaim, "Janelllllllllle...let us breathe!"

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