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Draya Michele in the street

Draya Michele Challenged For Tipping Black Waiter More As Receipt Photo Goes Viral

Draya Michele/Instagram
By Rebecca Cukier

Draya Michele now sees herself under fire for tipping a waiter "more" because he was black. The 35-year-old reality star and Mint Swim founder made headlines ahead of the weekend for sharing the $102.38 she spent on lunch for herself and her two sons – Draya generously tipped $50 for a total $152.38 spend.

"Tip more because our waiter was black and they were all just getting back to work," she wrote. Photographic evidence was also provided – below – but it looks like Draya couldn't win either way. She's now getting slammed.

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The Receipt That Launched The Storm

Draya Michele shares her receipt
Draya Michele/Instagram

Draya hit up Benihaha in Los Angeles on Friday, with the "Basketball Wives LA" alum posting a quick snapshot of her mouth-watering rice dish, plus the receipt. The original report appears to have gone viral on Facebook, with users now commenting on whether or not Draya's actions were appropriate amid Black Lives Matter. Draya herself is black and raising two black kids.

"REALLY, because of the color of their skin, YOU tip more. You, are part of the problem," one user wrote. A fan replied: "You are so right! I'm a Black woman 62 this ignorance is the problem! You tip according to SERVICE." More below.

'Looks To Me Like Black People Are Just As Racist'

Draya Michele poses in a tennis dress with a racquet
Draya Michele/Instagram

Another remark challenged the SavagexFenty ambassador, reading: "It's just about black people? You tip more because he is black? Looks to me like black people are just as racist..." The star who has herself opened up about raising black children in a country now proven to suffer from systemic racism was also told:

"You tipped more because he was Black"? That's not a racist comment? Humble yourself you gave a $50 tip👏 ." Draya was, however, backed by some users. More after the jump.

Back-Up Arrives: 'Run To The Bank'

Draya Michele poses in Nike clothing
Draya Michele/Instagram

And Draya is. The star who saved up $12,000 to found her Mint Swim brand in 2011 saw it valued at $1 million in 2017. A fan came in to support her, writing: "Draya keep shinning on em while they run they mouth you run to the bank Queen 💰😁💯." Despite some positive feedback, though, it did appear that the majority of responders were giving Draya the thumbs-down. The star has been actively backing black-owned business on her Instagram, regularly sharing brands for her 8 million followers to shop. She's also been speaking out.

Speaks Out As A Black Mother

Draya Michele poses
Draya Michele/Instagram

Draya, who honored the June 2 #BlackoutTuesday on Instagram, has also taken to the platform to address racism overall. "Knowing racism still exists is one thing, but actually seeing a man pleading for his life is just plain proof (for those who were still in denial about it). As a black woman, mother, and business owner .... it’s important that I do my part in all this to aid in a better/safer/ more kind future for my sons, for your sons as well," she wrote.

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