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Kindly Myers poses with a dog

Kindly Myers Hangs At 'Church Of Big Boobs & Chicken Wings' In Flirty Floral Bikini

Kindly Myers/Instagram
By Rebecca Cukier

Kindly Myers may just have topped Instagram geo-tags – when you're checked in at "Kindly's Church of Big Boobs And Chicken Wings," you've already nailed the update. The ex-solider, model, and self-proclaimed "Professional Smokeshow" who celebrated her 2 million followers earlier this month updated her Instagram this weekend with another reminder of her bombshell curves and unique social media edge.

If you don't live inside Kindly's Instagram, this is a star who has pulled down her underwear to ask: "Social distancing? Am I doing it right?" Scroll for her very eye-popping photos.

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If You're Naming Your Own Church, Why Not...

Kindly Myers poses topless with Starbucks cups
Kindly Myers/Instagram

Scroll for the photo clocking Kindly over 2,200 likes in under 20 minutes. The Bowling Green, Kentucky native had gone extra flirty and feminine with her photo – and Kindly can keep it hardcore with those camo updates and firing her semi-automatics. She'd been shot kneeling in a pale pink pair of bikini bottoms paired with an off-the-shoulder and floral-print top. A cheeky bit lip and a little hair tugging upped the ante.

A caption read: "What is your superpower?" Clearly, Kindly's one is geo-tags. More below.

Fan Jokes 'Think I Just Got Religion'

Kindly Myers poses in a camo bikini
Kindly Myers/Instagram

Kindly doesn't always have fans noticing the caption – sometimes they appear too distracted – but today's post did see some followers answering the question. "Aero-kinetics 😁 it’s pretty cool I can summon the wind whenever I want. Weird I know but hey it what it is x," one fan wrote. Then again, others appeared to have spotted the "Church of Big Boobs & Chicken Wings." "Think I just got Religion😂 😍🔥❤️," one fan wrote, with another saying: "Tyrion Lannister is looking to join 😂😂😂🔥."

Check out her topless army look below.

Four Years In The Army National Guard

Kindly Myers poses
Kindly Myers/Instagram

Kindly's California beach babe image is but skin deep. The star served four years in the Army National Guard prior to bartending in Nashville, then entering modeling full time. Kindly told Rambling Beach Cat: "I learned that I am much stronger than I ever thought I was, both mentally and physically. I also got to shoot many different types of guns and rocket launchers. It was fun and I met some great people." The stunner who recently wowed in lingerie on a Jack Daniel's barrel is also confident that she can kick your butt.

Can Kick 'Anyone's Butt

Kindly Myers poses in leggings outdoors
Kindly Myers/Instagram

Myers added: "I am also confident that I could kick someone's -ss in hand to hand combat if the situation arose."

Kindly recently shouted out her military past by posing in a microscopic camo-print bikini. Then again, when this sensation is showering in Daisy Dukes, the response is likewise positive. Kindly also earns her cash via her likely very adult OnlyFans page, although she's joked about "raising" her prices in June. For more from Kindly, check out her Instagram or Snapchat.

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