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Future's Baby Mama Eliza Reign Unbothered In Braless Bodysuit After Rejecting $1,000 Gag Order

Eliza Reign is "ghetto fabulous" today – according to one of her Instagram followers. The Florida woman now proven to be rapper Future's latest baby mama is back to flexing on IG as she continues to pursue the $53,000-a-month child support she's seeking.

"Life Is Good" rapper Future was proven to be father to Eliza's 1-year-old daughter Reign via a bombshell DNA test in May. While he initially offered $450 a month, he's since upped it to $1,000 a month – with a gag order. It did not go down well.

Adding To The Long Baby Mama List

Eliza Reign/Instagram

Scroll for today's photo – fair warning, though, the orange wig got trashed pretty quickly – "Neck down 🔥 please take of the wig," one fan wrote. Eliza, who appeared the victim of Future's "ugly" twitter rant last month, was showing off her stunning post-baby body, and she didn't hold back on the color. The Instagram star was hanging by her car in a hot pink, spaghetti-strap bodysuit with a skintight and braless finish. She went with a sleek-bobbed orange wig, writing: "Chill day in my @prettii_fresh set 💖."

Wants $53,000 A Month, Offered $1,000 To Shut Up

Eliza Reign/Instagram

Eliza has made headlines this month for flat-out rejecting Future's $1,000-a-month child support and gag order offer. It would require her not to speak publicly about the rapper who already has at least six different baby mamas, including singer Ciara. Future, currently dating 23-year-old model Lori Harvey, has also accused Eliza of having mental issues and plotting to get pregnant off a rich man.

Money might be on Eliza's mind, but her IG followers were cringing at the wig. "Please take that wig off your better off without it 🤦🏽‍♀️," one wrote. More after that Lori Harvey bikini photo.

Shoots Down 'Deadbeat Dad' Comment On Father's Day

Eliza Reign/Instagram

Eliza, who has alleged that Future has never even met his baby girl, has fired back at the rapper's "ugly" tweet – below – but she has also stuck up for him. Father's Day saw her shout out all dads, alongside doubling down after a fan wrote: "She speaking facts I know that right because future deadbeat dad 🤦🏽‍♀️." She replied: "You gotta read the post. No mention of negativity today please 🤦🏽‍♀️."

Future is believed to be in lock-down with Pretty Little Thing influencer Lori Harvey. She's been busy downing shots with Magic Johnson's daughter Elisa.

Future Appears To Call Eliza 'Ugly' On Twitter

Eliza Reign/Instagram

May 22 marked Future facing immense backlash for an angry tweet that appeared to target Miami-based Eliza. "people make lies up to make they self feel good. Leave them ugly girls alone… Dnt get high and treat a ugly girl pretty…HUGE MISTAKE," he wrote.

Meanwhile, girlfriend Lori Harvey remains silent on the matter, having said nothing since the DNA test. Eliza continues to earn her cash on IG, having recently showcased a $450 Rolls-Royce Tryce with her daughter in it as part of a promo.

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