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Porsha Williams poses with her friend

Porsha Williams' Bikini Photo Sparks Race Storm On Instagram

Porsha Wiliams/Instagram
By Rebecca Cukier

Porsha Williams has now said: "B-tch "as a race" you came for my African American roots" as a giant storm erupts on her Instagram. The 39-year-old reality star and entrepreneur updated her account ahead of the weekend with a set of photos shouting out friend Chef Gueli's birthday – photos below. Included was a bikini photo of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" star's friend, plus the opener selfie that now sees Porsha personally involved after a fan brought up her "edges."

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'Girl, Those Edges Are Getting Thin'"

Porsha Williams poses for a selfie with her friend
Porsha Williams/Instagram

The photo showed Porsha holding the camera and posing in possible swimwear – possibly a dress and outdoors. The mom to Pilar Jhena flashed her pearly whites for what may be one of her most stunning smiles – her vegan chef friend was likewise grinning. A caption read: "Y’all help me wish my girl @veganchefgueli a very happy birthday 🎊!!! I hope you get everything you want and more! Support her black owned business as well @vegetopiacart ✊🏾"

The storm kicked off with a small comment, but it got huge.

'B-tch...You Came For My African American Roots'

Porsha Williams poses for a selfie
Porsha Williams/Instagram

The use of "roots" may have two meanings here. The troll gaining 24 likes for their comment targeted Porsha's hair, writing: "Girl those edges getting thin😮."

Many comments came in over childbirth – Porsha welcomed her daughter in March 2019 – and extensions, but the remark did not go unnoticed. Porsha swooped in: "B-tch "as a race" you came for my African American roots, calling my hair thin bye girl. Now you block my reply you weak birds getting up off my page! Yes I got time," she wrote. It didn't end there.

'Not Cool...At All', Porsha Returns For More

Porsha Williams poses in a chair
Porsha Williams/Instagram

Responses also came in from fans. One wrote: "Not all. Hate. During a time we’re trying to unite for a more serious cause." The star, followed, by 5.6 million, was largely backed. She also spoke for herself overall with regards to running her IG.

"Listen, unlike other so-called celebs, I run this page personally! I have a great relationship with my followers and I will gather you if that's what I feel. You came for me first don't forget that! Good day."

Stuns On 39th Birthday Amid NeNe Leakes Firing Allegations

Porsha Williams poses with Ne
Porsha Williams/Instagram

Porsha, who turned 39 on June 22, was also told: "Where do you see thin edges? Maybe I'm blind." The star runs her own Go Naked hair line. She's also been knocking IG dead with birthday photos, all of which come amid huge uncertainty over whether 52-year-old co-star NeNe Leakes will return for "RHOA" Season 13. NeNe's manager has been denying allegations that she was fired for threatening to expose more racism from the Bravo network's cast members. Porsha turned 39 with a yacht party and stunning bodysuit photos. She has also been actively backing Black Lives Matter.

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