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Farrah Abraham posing

Farrah Abraham's Instagram Videos Are Increasingly Disturbing

Gettyimages | JC Olivera
By A. Elise

Farrah Abraham has made it a habit to share strange and sometimes upsetting images on social media. A recent Instagram video has left many followers of the former “Teen Mom OG” star calling for the video to be removed from the platform. Has her latest video gone too far?

In the video, which appears to be an advertisement for adult products, some commenters accuse Abraham of having her minor daughter film. This has prompted concern that the child is exposed to adult content.

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Farrah Abraham posing next to Pikachu
Farrah Abraham | Instagram

Of course, much of Abraham’s social media content has been centered around adult entertainment. In the past, Abraham has made pornographic films. She’s also promoted adult toys and other adult items on Instagram. Recently, Abraham was accused of jokingly hitting daughter Sophia with an adult toy in another video.

This time, the offending video features a caption discussing her use of a vibrator to get through quarantine. She includes a link to the product’s website and encourages her followers to check it out.

Farrah Abraham posing
Farrah Abraham | Instagram

Abraham’s Instagram profile contains a significant amount of sexual content, which some of her followers find disturbing because Sophia is frequently featured in her content as well.

Many people called for others to report the video, which may not necessarily break Instagram guidelines. The reason? Sophia follows her mother on social media and could see the video.

Seemingly, Abraham does not care if her daughter views the adult content—though there are some people who speculate that Abraham is the one behind Sophia’s social media profiles.

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Some comments have called out Abraham’s ability to parent her daughter. Some asked how Abraham still has custody of her child. Some commenters questioned Abraham’s mental health.

Abraham faced backlash earlier this year after Sophia apparently posted a video in which many followers believed her to be home by herself while Abraham was at a party. Some even called Child Protective Services about the matter, but Abraham claimed that Sophia was staying with family and that somebody else had posted the video of the child.

Farrah Abraham posing
Gettyimages | Matt Winkelmeyer

Family members have also spoken out on Abraham’s behalf. Her mother, Debra Danielsen, denied that Abraham has ever abandoned her daughter. She claims that Sophia was never left home alone but instead was swimming and not on her phone. It is not immediately clear how the video was posted, but Abraham blamed the situation on a "stalker."

Abraham has also faced a lot of backlash for denying the severity of COVID-19 and also for racist posts and videos during protests against racial inequality.

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