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Halle Berry's Backless Swimsuit Photo Has Instagram Begging For More

Halle Berry was straight-up told: "More of these, please" as her Friday Instagram share snagged over 167,000 likes. The Oscar-winning actress whose 53 years see her aging backward updated her account ahead of the weekend with the #FitnessFriday she's been honoring for two years.

If you don't live inside Halle's Instagram, the "Catwoman" star recently shut down the platform with a sweat-drenched peel-off of her abs – you be the judge on whether this MMA-trained body rivals Duane "The Rock" Johnson.

Still Got It At 53

Halle Berry/Instagram

Scroll for the photo that came with a reminder of the auto-immune disease Halle will have for the rest of her life. The star whose upcoming MMA movie "Bruised" saw her throwing "the kitchen sink" at her core had been snapped lying on a beach towel and on her front. If anyone can pull of swimsuit babe at 53, it's this woman. Halle's backless black swimsuit flashed her muscular back and her lower back tattoo – the star who can smile with her eyes alone delivered a real one as she lay in the sand.

Diabetes Diagnosis Was 'The Wake-Up Call' She Needed

Halle Berry/Instagram

Halle, who has been keto for 15 years, captioned her shot with mentions of her Type 1 diabetes: "My diabetes diagnosis was the wake-up call I needed to break from the monotony of constantly doing crunches and lifting heavy weights and to instead pursue a health-focused, 360 workout that was always changing," she wrote. Her 6.2 million followers were then encouraged to head over to Women's Health Mag, where videos have been showing post-rain and jungle-like yoga sessions, plus how the gentle exercise keeps Halle sane during challenging times. More below.

Instagram Can't Get Over How Good She Looks

Halle Berry/Instagram

Halle was complimented up the wazoo for this photo, even catching herself a like from "Friends" alum Jennifer Aniston. "You look amazing, as always!!! 😍❤️😍❤️," one fan wrote. "Halle berry is so gorgeous 😩❤️," another said.

"It’s so nice to view perfection. Halle you’re truly incredible, 💖😍😍" was another comment. Halle comes with more than just a stunning swimsuit look – the actress completed three years worth of MMA training in just six months for "John Wick: Parabellum." As to Halle's COVID-19 updates, she's literally been knocking the ball out the park.

Pillow Challenge Goes Viral, Ellen Underpants Get Thumbs-Up

Halle Berry/Instagram

The global pandemic has brought Halle some headlines. Her nude Pillow Challenge proved a hit back in April, with Instagram also having a good laugh as Halle appeared asleep, in bed, and wearing "The Ellen Show" underpants while writing: "Waiting on my next nothing appointment." A "next level delicious" Cheesy Bacon Ranch Chicken has also been shared, with Halle also harnessing quarantine's self-care via some towel-clad face masks. On a more serious note, the mom of two has also been backing Black Lives Matter in the wake of May 25-murdered black man George Floyd.

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