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Simone Biles

Simone Biles Sparks Boyfriend Rumors In Sexy Sweatpant Showoff

Simone Biles | Instagram
By Alyssa McCraw

A relaxed Simone Biles showed off her seriously sexy figure once again this weekend, and there might be a new man in her life.

The gymnast is only 23 but is already the most-decorated American gymnast of all time. She's only been to one Olympic Games and was planning to hit her second this summer.

Biles' second Olympic dream is delayed until next year (bc coronavirus). In the meantime, she's having a lot of fun on Instagram.

👀 ⬇️ See Simone Biles being sexy in sweatpants 👀⬇️

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Mystery Man Paid For Her Mani/Pedi

Biles wore an almost see-through tank top while posed in front her closet mirror. The cut-off tee was accented by her same-color nail polish, and her dark grey trainers sat just above her tiny waist. It appears she also opted against wearing a bra.

The Friday photo was as simple as its caption: "comfy cozy"

Its most-liked comment was a whimsical one: "If he ain’t paying for that pedi and mani girlllll!!!"

But Biles sparked boyfriend rumors when she responded:

"@dorianhernandezz he did :))))"

This caused a slew of speculation (and tea spillage).

Did Simone Biles Ax Her Ex-Boyfriend?

Simone Biles holds hands with someone on a long pier
Simone Biles | Instagram

Biles' two-word comment left many of her 3.8 million Instagram followers very surprised:

"@simonebiles who we talking about 👀" - via @blzckluffy_

"@simonebiles @adexinc AND I OOP" - via @jessica_casey_

"@simonebiles who is he 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽❤❤" - via @caramelc22

"@simonebiles who did????? Lol! 🤷‍♀️❤️🙏" - via @amybpcut

This last commenter came back to clarify they were joking: "in reality- she deserves her space and long as she’s happy and healthy...good for her."

But there was definitely an elephant in the room/replies. What happened to Simone Biles last boyfriend?🔻🐘🔻🐘🔻

Simone Biles Split With WWE Boyfriend, Supposedly

Simone Biles sits on the shoulders of Stacey Ervin Jr. during a vacation to Belize
Simone Biles | Instagram

Biles began dating WWE star Stacey Ervin Jr. at some point in 2017. He was a staple subject of the Olympian's Instagram shares until earlier this year (when she suddenly stopped posting about him).

Ervin was well-liked during his time with Biles, but most hope he's not the one paying for her mani/pedis these days.

There was one person who felt differently, writing, "PLEASE 🙏🏽 let it be Stacey your boyfriend!!!"

Another thinks it's unlikely to be him: "I don't think they're together anymore all their photos together are gone."

💣 And that's when the bomb dropped: "He cheated on her" 💣

Simone Biles 'Caught Him Cheating' On Valentine's Day

Stacyey Ervin Jr. holds up Simone Biles on the beach in Belize
Simone Biles | Instagram

According to several springtime reports, Simone Biles' fitness buff boyfriend stopped being faithful to her.

"Word on the curb is that Simone Biles and her boyfriend, fellow gymnast Stacey Ervin, Jr., have called it quits after she caught him cheating last month."

"Rumor has it that the superstar gymnast discovered on Valentine’s day that Ervin Jr. was being unfaithful, so she dumped him."

In May, another outlet said the two athletics might've had marriage in mind:

"Some even thought they were going to tie the knot soon, but it seems like that might not be the case anymore."

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