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Sia Removes Legendary Wig To Talk About 'BLM' On Good Morning America

Gettyimages | Presley Ann
By Jacob Highley

Sia took time today (about 9 hours ago) to talk with the hosts of Good Morning America about the alleged murders of black citizens Breonna Taylor & Elijah McClain by police.

The 44-year-old “Chandelier” singer normally never reveals her face, with most of her concerts being performed with her face behind a large multi-colored wig.

The “Cheap Thrills” artist made it a point to be more than outspoken about this controversial and sensitive topic by also telling her social media followers to take action politically.

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'Something Else'

Sia wearing large dresses
Gettyimages | Presley Ann

It is almost unprecedented for Sia to put her own interests on hold while on a live interview to then remove her wig and start talking about recent political activism.

The singer began the interview saying the following on air:

“Can we do something else first? Because it's more meaningful to me than anything else at the moment entertainment-wise," she said. "I wanted to talk about [how] we can do something about this police brutality, you don't just have to feel bad."

'More Important'

Sia with big bow
Instagram @siafurleritaly

Sia is not the first to put a political message before her entertainment career. Others like Selena Gomez and defamed show host Jessica Mulroney both gave access of their social media accounts to Black Lives Matter groups/speakers who have used their audiences to promote “racial justice”.

Although not always put into words, many people’s actions online reflect the feeling behind what Sia said to GMA:

"It just feels more important to me than entertainment right now.”

Of course, Sia did cover her latest cinema creation “Music” and her recent adoptions.

When talking about her new movie which she personally directed, Sia told the press: "The movie's great. I'm gonna break your heart, I'm gonna put it back together again and y0u're gonna love it," she said enthusiastically in the interview.

She also credited the adoption of two young men as her own sons as something truly inspiring in her life: "I think they saved me, so I'm in heaven.”


Giphy | Coachella

Originally from Australia, the famous artist has shared that she’s actually been on the hunt for romance. Back in 2018 (and reportedly since then) Sia has used dating apps to find a romantic partner. She told the Rolling Stone in an interview about her experience:

“I went on a couple of dates, and they were nice,” says Sia, who grew up in Australia but has spent 7 years living in the US,“It was very funny, and it was great practice. I’m trying to practice intimacy. ’Cause we don’t date in Australia. We just get together.”

'Dieted Like Crazy'

Sia with no wig
Gettyimages | Jason Merritt

Although Sia is recognized as quite the eye-catching singer, she admits that her physique isn’t where she’d like it. In fact, she details how she’s spent a decade working on her fitness and health:

“I have dieted like crazy over the last 10 years,” she explains, “trying to fit into the stereotype of, like, ‘hot pop star.’ Somebody did say, ‘You don’t have to be a model. You’re actually an artist. . . . It literally doesn’t matter what you look like.”

Quite an interesting perspective!

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