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An amazing photo showing Kelly Clarkson sitting at the dinning in her home, wearing an all-black outfit.

Kelly Clarkson Weighs In On Divorce Proceedings & Mental Health Issues

Instagram | Kelly Clarkson
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Some people might think that celebrities have it all because they are rich and famous, but if only they knew how much tears have been shed in secret. We live in a world where people see laughter and mistake it for happiness. These smiles may just be there to make other people comfortable or keep them from asking too many questions.

Life always has a way of throwing things at people, even when all they want is peace and quiet, the noises just won’t stop.

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An amazing picture art showing Kelly Clarkson’s face in a pink background.
Instagram | Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson is one of those people who has been smiling to the world for a really long time, when everything in her just wanted to scream out and cry. The singer has been hoarding and keeping her feelings in check, but now, she is coming out to let everyone know what is really going on with her. Behind all the smiles and make-up, there are people like Clarkson out there who want to talk, but they want people to be willing to listening first.

A lovely photo of Kelly Clarkson playing dress-up with the camera just before her show begins and she has on a long, black dress with polka dot design.
Instagram | Kelly Clarkson

A few weeks ago, the talk show host filed for a divorce from her husband, Brandon Blackstock. The duo had been estranged for quite sometimes, but Clarkson believed that it was time for her to move on with her life. Also, they had been married for over 7 years and have two beautiful children.

During an episode of her talk show named “The Kelly Clarkson Show,” the singer interview Demi Lovato, who talked about her mental health issues and how she was able to overcome her fears and anxiety.


When Lovato aired out her story, Clarkson suddenly felt like nothing should hold her back, hence, her shocking statement.

“I have similar issues and I suffer from depression.” She said.

She went on to say that there are a lot of people like her in the world, who have been trained to bottle up their feelings and act like everything is alright.

“Especially as a woman, it’s like; “Don’t let them see you sweat.” The 38-year-old argued.

Speaking of trying to make everything look good on the outside, Clarkson did a pretty job, but now that she has finally opened up, her fans are devastated that they could not see the pain in her eyes.

An amazing throwback photo showing Kelly Clarkson singing her heart out on stage.
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As a round of vote of thanks for all that she had been through and how she was able to overcome it, Clarkson thanked Lovato. She said that the singer opening up in her songs and channel her pains and sorrows into her lyrics, made her relate and want to move forward.

She also went on to talk about how it felt knowing that someone was out there who could relate with her problems. Hence, she did not fee alone and unable to fight back.

So there you have it guys. Thanks to Lovato’s heartfelt songs, Clarkson is re-born!!

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