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Youtube Feud Between Gabbie Hanna & Jessi Smiles Is Reignited

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By A. Elise

When Vine was at its peak, Jessi Smiles and Gabbie Hanna were well-known on the platform for their short comedy videos. They were also known to be good friends, until something tore them apart. For a long time, people could only speculate why the now-YouTubers ended their friendship.

This month, the feud between the two personalities was reignited on YouTube and Twitter, and now people know for sure why their relationship ended. Here's what happened to bring the feud back into the spotlight.

Gabbie Hanna sitting on bed
Gabbie Hanna | Instagram

It all goes back to 2014, when Jessi accused her ex-boyfriend, Curtis Lepore, of sexual assault. Lepore pleaded guilty to felony assault in court. At this time, Jessi and Gabbie were seemingly friends.

Several years later, allegations that Gabbie had publicly shown support for Lepore were made online. Gabbie denied tweeting support for Lepore, but Jessi was adamant that she had. What's more is that Gabbie was accused of hanging out with a group that include Lepore and his friends.

It was this week that Gabbie began making allegations about YouTube, reigniting the conflict.

Jessi Smiles
Jessi Smiles | Instagram

On May 14, Gabbie made another video in which she discussed various feuds with other YouTube personalities. Jessi Smiles was among them.

Last week, Gabbie created a YouTube livestream in which she claimed that the video platform was “shadowbanning” her by not recommending her music videos on the Trending page. While some of her followers showed support, others pointed out that her music videos may not be as attention-grabbing as she thought. Gabbie seemed to believe that her “drama” had something to do with it.

Jessi Smiles
Jessi Smiles | Instagram

In a video published this week, Gabbie brought up her issues with Jessi again.

Gabbie would later tweet that she offered to sit down for a private conversation with Jessi but she was “met with harassment and threats.” Gabbie also described this as a “cycle of mental abuse, harassment, defamation, blackmail, and toxicity.”

Jessi responded to screenshots posted by Gabbie with a video of their text conversations. Her goal was to demonstrate that she had not been harassing or abusing Gabbie.

Gabbie Hanna posing in car
Gabbie Hanna | Instagram

Jessi claims that she will be addressing the controversy in a video on her YouTube channnel. In a tweet, she shows screenshots of Gabbie's deleted tweets that seem to demonstrate Gabbie accused Jessi of making fake allegations of sexual assault.

Fans of the two YouTubers seem split on the matter. Even some of Gabbie's fans and former fans claim that that Gabbie's accusations don't have evidence to support them. Others agree with Gabbie that she is the victim of harassment and abuse.

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