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Emily Ratajkowski in her natural hair

Emily Ratajkowski Goes Blonde On Instagram In Tiny Black Bikini, Fans Are 'Shook'

Emily Ratajkowski / Instagram
By Rima Pundir

Model and actress Emily Ratajkowski turned 29 in June and is belatedly celebrating her birthday by slowly going blonde, or so fans think.

In a series of pictures she shared on Instagram, EmRata, as Emily is popularly known to her fans, wore a tiny-weeny black bikini (sorry polka dot or yellow fans), and wore her hair in blonde, apparently bored of her red-brown hair and wanting a change.

Fans appreciated the change, though all said, EmRata looks good in just about anything, which is true...

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First, The Blonde Hair

Emily Ratajkowski is a blonde
Emily Ratajkowski / Instagram

In two separate posts that have clocked more than a million hits each, and a video that has more than 3 million views, Emily Ratajkowski is now blonde. And Instagram is SHOOK.

Hailey Bieber, also a blonde, had to reply with a "Woooow" while Bella Thorne sent EmRata lots of flames, meaning to say that EmRata looked incredibly hot in her new blonde hair, though her dark roots still showed.

Did all of the Internet like her blonde hair? Well, EmRata definitely did in this video.

Second, More Blonde Hair

Emily Ratajkowski seems to love her blonde look
Emily Ratajkowski / Instagram

While Caroline Vreeland, an up and coming singer hilariously welcomed Emily "to the dark side", Kerastase, the brand who did her hair, wrote, "We are obsessed with your new look!!"

Of course, since its a paid partnership with Kerastase, no one is surprised.

But the blonde hair did surprise many of her fans, with some giving it a thumbs down, saying she looked much hotter with her natural hair.

Meanwhile, hottie Lisa Rinna, who recently stunned the world with a nude campaign, asked EmRata "is it more fun?". She does look bored in this pic though...

Finally, The Bikini

Emily Ratajkowski / Instagram

Amidst all the Bot comments and people trying to get milage for themselves by posting on EmRata's page, there was also this comment, "is this a process to get your hair even more blonde or are you gonna let it like that? love the blonde btw".

Considering Emily was not a blonde before, she did not respond. Most other fans stuck to the usual "beautiful", "pretty", "I love you" and the creepy "be my wife" garden variety of comments, liking EmRata for her blonde hair, and the bikini. So, here's a bikini dance...

And Last, The Pooch

Emily Ratajkowski / Instagram

The cutest pic of them all has to be Emily with her beloved pooch, Colombo, and he even has a pet name Bo-Doe-Bo.

While she may have a penchant for hanging around her parent's place in a bikini and heels, here she has paired her bikini with sneakers, and she and Colombo look like one of kind.

Can't get enough of her? Well, here are more pictures of her, blonde, and in the black bikini that seems to defy gravity. Or maybe, that's just Emily!

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