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Blac Chyna Reveals Epic Possible Collab With Nicki Minaj?

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By Jacob Highley

Blac Chyna has been known for many things. In that last decade, Chyna (Full real name “Angela Renée White”) has gone from being the stunt double for Nicki Minaj in music videos like "Monster" by Kanye West, to one of the most recognizable television personalities and models on Instagram.

With over 16 million followers, her own fashion line, and her own TV shows like “Rob & Chyna” and “The Real Blac Chyna,” it’s no wonder this fine “Chyna” wants to collab with one of the rapping industry’s leading ladies of color.

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Neighborhood Talk

Blac Chyna in zebra print
Instagram @blacchyna

The 32-year-old brunette was featured on a recent interview with “The Neighborhood Talk” on Instagram where she announced she wanted to make a song with Minaj.

Although some would immediately shoot this down considering the differences in the two celebrities’ careers, Blac is fully confident that it could be arranged due to her positive business relationship with the “Pink Friday” singer who (according to reports) has “always supported her”

Her relationship with the Jenners & Kardashians is quite different however and remains a hot topic.

Good Friends With Kylie

Blac Chyna in leopard print
Instagram @blacchyna

Because of her sensitive relationship with Tyga, things got heated after she broke up with him and rumor had it that he had started dating Chyna’s good friend Kylie Jenner.

Kylie and Chyna had been good friends for some time, but the latest news had many convinced they were at odds with each other.

In a public statement, Chyna told the press that she didn’t think it necessary to have enmity between herself and Kylie since she decided to find love elsewhere anyway. Plus she didn’t want to jeopardize her loving relationship with Kylie’s daughter.

'Hoping That We're Good'

Blac Chyna wearing beautiful silk
Instagram @blacchyna

Chyna’s statement read out with some fairly transparent words. It was instantly clear just how vulnerable she was being while being honest about where she stood with Kylie:

"On my side, the last time we spoke and whatnot, because you know it is Dreamy's auntie and stuff, and when me and Robert was together, we kinda put those differences aside," Chyna told Wendy. "And I mean, from now on I'm fine on my side and I'm hoping that we're good..."

It makes sense that Chyna would want to maintain positive relationships with people, especially when it could mean an epic collaboration.

Ready To Collab With Minaj

Black Cyna wearing black outfit
Gettyimages | Amy Sussman

According to reports, Chyna has decided not to collab with famous rapper Cardi B due to a feud that she Minaj had which ended with security getting involved. Although Minaj denies claims that she insulted Cardi by criticizing her parenting skills, the two have yet to reconcile.

This, and the fact that she already has an amazing relationship with Nicki strongly suggests that we may see a collaboration very soon! Nicki herself has yet to comment, but based on her previous collaboration history, it all looks promising!

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