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A gorgeous photo featuring Kylie and kendall in lilac and orange see-through outfits, to commemorate their new make-up line.

Kylie & Kendall Reportedly Owe Their Factory Workers Big Money

Instagram | Kylie Jenner
By Favour

Kylie and Kendall have been in the headlines lately because they are launching a new collaboration on makeup. The world is looking forward to this new makeup product, featuring the amazing and beautiful sisters.

Unfortunately, that expectation may have been cut short as the sisters are being accused of refusing to pay the wages of their factory workers since March. Suddenly, all the focus has been shifted to this topic and the sisters may be in hot soup if they are not careful.

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A lovely image showing Kylie and Kendall teaming up on a photo-shoot to launch their next make-up product.
Instagram | Kylie Jenner

According to reports, the factory workers who work endlessly on their namesake clothing line, have been allegedly owed wages since March and they are demanding it at all cost.

Initially, Kylie was mainly known as a make-up guru as she had several lines, including the one that's dedicated to her daughter. However, in 2015, she teamed up with Kendall on a clothing line, that produced twinnie outfits and it was called "Kendall + Kylie."

The story behind the unpaid wages has a lot of gaps to fill and fans are waiting on the sisters to do so.

An amazing photo showing Kylie & Kendall Jenner lying on a bed, wearing red lingerie.
Instagram | Kylie Jenner

In early March, the label's production; Global Brands Group, sent out a statement, that the company will have to halt any outstanding production, due to the pandemic outbreak.

This wages report came out as soon as the Jenners announced a new make-up collaboration and it may prove difficult for them to launch their product. This is because fans are asking that the wages be paid in full as soon as possible, to resolve the problems they are facing. They only hope that the sisters would do the right thing at the end of the day.

A photo showing Kendall Jenner in a Vogue collection and she looks breath-taking.
Instagram | Kendall Jenner

Since the reports of the alleged owed wages came to life, critics have weighed in on the issue and expressed their thoughts. Many of them took took to Kylie's recent post, to express their thoughts and call her out in the process. However, without giving any response, the mother of one limited the comments on the post.

It is unclear if either of the sisters will address the situation soon and make the necessary changes immediately. Either way, fans have their fingers crossed in anticipation.

An amazing photo featuring Kylie Jenner in a yellow print outfit at celebration event.
Instagram | Kylie Jenner

Kylie and Kendall are one of the most amazing and hard working youths in the world today. While Kylie takes to make-up as a comfort zone and career, Kendall is dedicated to her modelling career and has made a name for herself in the industry.

The sisters are pretty close, although they barely see each other due to their schedules. Recently, Kylie and Kendall shared lovely photos of Caitlyn Jenner as a man on social media, to commemorate Father's Day. Kylie also shared another post of her baby daddy, Travis Scott, playing with their daughter, Stormi.

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