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John Legend, Chrissy Teigen, and Luna Stevens pose for photographers

John Legend Talks New Music, Quarantine, and Family Life

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By Chris Barilla

John Legend is one of the busiest men in music. Aside from recording and putting out a new album, the pianist/singer is an active proponent of many social justice causes and a notable good dad. Now, the Grammy award-winning artist is taking some time to discuss with 'The Oprah Magazine' a bevy of details regarding his personal life, from activism to music, and even his wife's recent breast implant removal that has been a topic of discussion on social media.

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In regards to new music, Legend commented, "I knew I was releasing it into crazy times: Not only were we in the middle of a pandemic, but just after we announced that we were going to release the album on June 19th, we saw video of George Floyd being killed and people protesting in the streets," he said in reference to the social justice movements that have stemmed from the murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis police at the end of May.

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"A lot was going on, but I still felt like people need some uplifting music—so I’m going to give it to them and hopefully it can help them get through what’s been a tough spring, and hopefully this music will help them have a better summer," he continued.

Legend then doubled down on his activism efforts, saying that although the movement has existed for some time, he appreciates when many others who aren't consistently involved use their voices to instill change as well.

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"Black Lives Matter has been organizing and being active in trying to make the change that they’ve been talking about for years now. And just because they’re not on the top of the headlines every time doesn’t mean they’re not doing the work. I speak with them a lot, a lot of the organizers and activists who are trying to get rid of our jails and prisons, who are trying to reduce the footprint of police in our lives. This work is ongoing, and it gets highlighted during these big moments like the video of George Floyd being released, and other times when a big conflagration comes up, but the work is ongoing," Legend said.

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Beyond activism, Legend opened up about his wife's breast implant removal surgery, saying, "We’ve had a lot going on in the house. [Chrissy] is recovering, she had plastic surgery a couple weeks ago that she’s told everyone takes recovery time whenever you let someone cut you up a bit. So I’ve been trying to help her as much as possible. The babies have been trying to help and not sit on her too much. She’s still a little sore, but she’s getting much better, and she gave me a wonderful Father’s Day yesterday so I’m appreciative."

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