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Jenelle Evans posing

Red Flag: Jenelle Evans Chooses 'Not to Have Friends'

Jenelle Evans | Instagram
By A. Elise

Just two weeks ago, Jenelle Evans was calling her friends to help her leave the home she shares with husband David Eason. Now, the former “Teen Mom 2” star is accusing those friends of using her after Eason allegedly pistol whipped one of them in front of two of her children.

Now, Evans is saying that she chooses not to have friends after this incident and others like it. Many people following Evans say that this is a major red flag considering prior claims made by Evans that her husband was abusive.

Jenelle Evans on duck pool floatie
Jenelle Evans | Instagram

Evans has had an erratic couple of weeks on social media. She tweeted that she was safe and leaving her husband and then made a public spectacle of returning to Eason. She also began retweeting Q Anon conspiracies and then statements about her friends, James Spivey and Josh Galloway.

In one tweet, Evans said, “Note To Self: If ‘friends’ start drama in your past, they will probably do it again. Lesson learned!”

The former MTV star had called on Spivey and Galloway to help her move items out of the home, which ended up in Spivey allegedly getting hit with a pistol on the back of his neck. Eason also apparently threatened to shoot him.

Jenelle Evans and David Eason holding hands
Jenelle Evans | Instagram

Galloway responded to Evans' social media posts, claiming that all he said on social media was that his partner was okay after he was attacked. Evans insisted that Galloway was a "toxic friend" for mentioning the incident on Twitter.

Spivey talked to The Sun last week, saying, “She’s staying at the property. They’re back together.” This refuted Evans’ claims that she was staying with relatives after the fight and that she was planning to file an order of protection against Eason.

Jenelle Evans sitting with children at swimming pool
Jenelle Evans | Instagram

On June 23, Evans confirmed that she chooses not to have friends. She said, “Damn everything is always about you Josh. Wake up to fake friends selling stories again, go figure. This is exactly why I choose not to have friends.”

Evans’ followers pointed out that isolation from friends and families is often a sign of abuse and domestic violence. Those following Evans encouraged her to leave, especially after hearing the Eason was allegedly angry enough to beat somebody else with a gun.

Jenelle Evans standing in lake
Jenelle Evans | Instagram

Last year, Eason admitted to shooting and killing Evans' small dog in a fit of rage after he claimed the dog nipped at his daughter. Three children were temporarily removed from the home during an investigation into the matter.

In October 2019, Evans left Eason for several months. She returned to the family home earlier this year, citing financial issues as the reason. Just weeks ago, Evans set up a website in which she charges patrons $75 to view "exclusive" content.

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