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Tana Mongeau Cozies Up With Noah Cyrus, Talking Pansexuality In Crushing Instagram Post

Gettyimages | Todd Williamson/E! Entertainment
By Rima Pundir

Reality star and Internet sensation Tana Mongeau has been known for many things, but now is the time she feels brave and proud of her sexuality and coming out. In an Instagram post last week, in which Tana Mongeau shared a picture of her and gal-pal Noah Cyrus in a rather intimate setting, Tana spoke about coming out and all the struggles she faced before and after it. Her popularity has definitely soared ever since, even though she came under fire for her racist behavior in the past.

Tana Mongeau Adores Her Bravery

Tana Mongeau, looking hot and sultry, as always
Tana Mongeau / Instagram

Tana Mongeau is no stranger to controversy, in fact, she revels in it. Her entire career has been based on doing controversial stuff and once she came out as being "pansexual", things got even steamier. She recently took to Instagram to share her views on pride and posted a rather sultry picture of her's with Noah Cyrus looking somewhat dazed. In the post, Tana wrote, "I never thought I’d be brave enough to publicly share my sexuality in the way I do now. I still struggle with it."

She Hates Being Labelled

Tana Mongeau & Noah Cyrus are BFFs
Tana Mongeau / Instagram

Tana continued with saying how she hated being boxed. She also hated when people called her straight and waived off her relationships with girls as nothing more than fluff. Tana Mongeau was in a relationship with Bella Thorne before and is currently partnered with Ashly Schwan after "breaking up" with fake husband Jake Paul, who is also a YouTube influencer. Tana also said, "I’m proud to be not only a member but an ally of the LGBTQIA+ community and I’m proud to say I will live my life based on loving people not for their gender but their soul. some people call that pansexuality, everyone calls me bi, I personally don’t find a need to label it all."

Tana Is Uncensored

Tana Mongeau is proud to be LGBTQ+
Tana Mongeau / Instagram

Tana and Ashly can now be seen on Only Fans, where they have started charging fans for lewd content. She put up a rather booby post on Instagram recently to promote her Only Fans account, Tana Uncensored. Media reports allege Tana Mongeau is happy to be considered an amateur porn star and she did attend the PornHub awards wearing a tee that said: "Born for Porn". In the pride post, Tana also said, love and sexuality are genderless to me & I’m so lucky to have this platform to speak openly about that."

Grocery Shopping In a Bikini

Tana Mongeau went grocery shopping in a bikini
Tana Mongeau / Instagram

Pretty recently, Tana Mongeau also decided to go grocery shopping, conscientiously wearing a mask, but failing to wear a top. Meaning, she wore a bikini to do her shopping and was alternatively trolled and praised by the media. The post was a sponsored one for Whole Foods and they did get plenty of mileage from Mongeau's little stunt. She was also recently dragged into more controversy when a past colleague of hers called her a racist when they had worked together, but Tana took the wind out of his sails by duly apologizing.

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