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Bhad Bhabie poses for a photo

Bhad Bhabie Sparks Fears In Bikini Video, Rehab Deemed A 'Waste'

Bhad Bhabie/Instagram
By Rebecca Cukier

Bhad Bhabie is sparking concern. The 17-year-old rapper and internet personality is officially out of rehab – Danielle Peskowitz made headlines this weekend for being back home after entering a facility for childhood trauma and substance abuse this month. Bhabie, followed by 18.3 million on Instagram, updated her account on Saturday with two poolside bikini videos. They showed the "Hi Bich" rapper twerking, drinking juice, and vaping. Comments now see the Florida native being told – by the masses – that her rehab stint was a waste.

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Back To Bikini Mode After Prescription Pills Rehab

Bhad Bhabie poses by a car
Bhad Bhabie/Instagram

Scroll for the videos – and you'll need to swipe for the second. They showed Bhad Bhabie, released from rehab on June 17, flaunting her stunning figure in an unusual, mismatched bikini while holding an orange juice and appearing to vape. The star had her figure and multiple tattoos on show as she worked her way into a cheeky twerk – Bhabie was channeling full provocation despite her 17 years, also opting out of a caption. While 600,000+ likes have been left to the video, comments aren't all throwing Bhad Bhabie the thumbs-up.

'So Basically Rehab Was A Waste Of Time And Money'

Bhad Bhabie poses for a photo
Bhad Bhabie/Instagram

Over 3,700 likes have been left to a comment reading: "So basically, rehab was a waste of time and money. Great." Fans commented on both the beverage and the vaping – the star did not indicate if her drink was alcoholic, also possibly vaping without nicotine. "Let's start by throwing the Juul away," a popular comment read. Meanwhile, another said: "Lmao wow rehab looks different." Then again, some seemed to be of the opinion that Bhad Bhabie is doing great.

Says 'I'm Back & Better Than Ever'

Bhad Bhabie poses in her bathroom
Bhad Bhabie/Instagram

Following her rehab stint, Bhad Bhabie went on Instagram Live. “Someone said, ‘Well rehab didn’t last long,'" she stated, adding: "No sh-t! I’m back. And let’s make something clear: I was not no f-cking perc-head, okay? Barbara finds one pill and has a heart attack. But I’m back and better than ever," she continued, speaking of her mother and also implying that mom Barbara was over-reacting. Prior to entering the facility, the rapper's management had stated: "We are very proud of Danielle for recognizing that she needed help and seeking it out."

Slammed Over 'Blackfishing'

Bhad Bhabie poses in a black dress
Bhad Bhabie/Instagram

Bhad Bhabie made headlines for separate reasons back in April, with the star finding herself slammed for a tone-deaf series of videos appearing to see her looking several shades darker than she is. Accused of cultural appropriation and "blackfishing" – white people pretending to be black – the star was also slammed for her words. "Who wants to be black? I don’t understand that! I just can’t comprehend it. You think my black best friend would let me blackish," she said. Today's video also saw fans predict an adult career once the star has turned 18. Meanwhile, another fan just wrote: "PLZ STOP." Many felt that the teen is going off the rails: "GOD DAMN REHAB GOT HER GOING CRAZY" was one such suggestion.

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