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A lovely photo of Tyga dressed in a button-down sweatshirt and black leather pant

Tyga Gets Backlash On Social Media For Dropping Flirtatious Messages On Zendaya's Page

Instagram | Tyga
By Favour

Tyga has all the charm he could ever need to win some women over. He's good looking and has an amazing talent. However, fans do not applaud him lurking around Zendaya's social media page, dropping several flirtatious messages in his comment section.

Now, fans may have applauded this under other circumstances, but the comments were somewhat awkward and though he deleted them, they were not easily forgiving. Over the years, there have been rumors about who Zendaya is seeing, but nothing seems concrete yet.

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An amazing image showing Tyga leaning on a billboard that shows one of his albums had 5 billion streams.
Twitter | Tyga

How did it all begin?

Tyga began by tagging Zendaya to an Instagram post, however, he deleted it after a while. Unfortunately for him, fans had already begun to question his intentions and it even made it more suspicious when he deleted it almost immediately. The rapper has had a fair share of dating history with some influential women, one of whom was Kylie Jenner.

Tyga shared a clip from his song titled "Vatican" and he told his fans to tag the people they would love to take on a vacation.

A photo showing Tyga with his hands close to his mouth, dressed in blue sweater, black shirt and a long gold necklace around his neck.
Instagram | Tyga

Well, of all the people he could mention, Tyga picked the "Euphoria" actress and this raised a lot of eye brows. Some would likely say that the rapper sought a chance with the actress with that tag.

When fans saw what he did, they immediately came for him without mercy. The social media brawl began when a user commented;

"Tyga leave Zendaya ALONE."

After this, other users weighed in on the situation and accused Tyga of being awkward by shooting his shot at the actress.

A lovely photo of Tyga smiling in the midst several paparazzi trying to take pictures of him.
Instagram | Tyga

Seeing what he had put himself in, the "Aye Macarena" singer immediately deleted the tag and kept quiet about the situation. But everyone knows what fans would do to and for their favorites and Tyga saw the last of it.

Zendaya is one of the sweetest and talented actress in the industry, so no one would blame her fans for doing everything they can to protect her. That might even include warding off weird aims at flirts from the rapper known as Tyga.


Since she was a child-star on Nickelodeon, Zendaya has always found ways to bring smiles to the faces of her fans and viewers watching her on the big screen.

After some time with the network, she proceeded to appear in more complex and adventurous movies and series. With that, she has not only remained in the spotlight, but etched her name in the stones of time.

In the past, it was revealed that Zen was romantically linked to someone known as Jacob. Although they tried to keep the relationship private, they were spotted a few times showing affection to each other. Tyga on the other hand, was presumed to be dating Ana Beatriz Boaretto in 2019.

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