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A lovely photo showing Scott Disick relaxing in a private plane while looking out the window at the beautiful clouds.

Kardashian Fans Believe Scott Disick Is Taking Advantage of the Family, Is It True?

Instagram | Scott Disick
By Favour

For many years now, the Kar-Jenner family have been like a pride of Lions walking gracefully and turning anything to gold. Well, mostly family business, but the point is, with every moment that passes by, the become soaked in the depth of the spotlight.

Sometimes, being in the spotlight tends to have its advantages and other times, it can be a cause for exploitation. The Kar-Jenner family has been running a TV show for years now titled "Keeping Up With The Kardashians."

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A selfie showing Scott Disick dressed in a well-tailored blue suit in the passenger side of a vehicle.
Instagram | Scott Disick

In the beginning, it only involved few members of the family, but there is no way they would show aspects of their lives without including their extended families.

Caitlyn Jenner was once a member of the show, but for obvious reasons, she had to rescind her sit at the table. There are other people who have also come and gone from the show after a while, but one person has remained constant. Through this show, Scott Disick has been able to make a name for himself doing the things he loves best.

A black and white photo showing Scott Disick dressed in a black short and sweatshirt.
Twitter | Scott Disick

With the Kar-Jenner's popularity, anyone who as so much rubs a shoulder with them, gets a taste of that popularity. unfortunately, once a popular person, always a popular person as the saying goes. As regards Disick, he caught the attention of the public when he started courting one of the Kardashian sisters known as Kourtney.

The duo became acquainted for the first time in Mexico, during a wild party and after a few years, he began to make the headlines as fast as jam gets on a slice of bread.

A photo of Scott Disick caught unawares walking into his car in a brown pant and orange sweatshirt.
Twitter | Scott Disick

Some would say that since Disick appeared on "KUWTK," a lot of things have gotten better and really, fans cannot deny that he has a cheerful spirit. Aside from once dating Kourtney and being the father of her three kids, Disick is also a close family friend.

In fact, he is one of Khloé Kardashian's closest friends and that does not seem to have changed since he and Kourtney called it quits. It is strange isn't it? When someone becomes an ex-lover in the Kar-Jenner clan, ties are practically cut off.


But not in Disick's case and while some fans love and appreciate his presence on the show, others believe he is only exploiting his baby mama's family for his gain.

They also think that Disick is using the children he shares with a member of the family, to take advantage of them. The question now is; how true is this?

Although some people may not know it, Disick's family is also known to be wealthy and that means he was certainly not looking for money when he got involved with Kourtney.

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