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Joey Diaz talking into microphone

Joe Rogan Podcast: Joey Diaz Admits to Pressuring Women

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By A. Elise

Joe Rogan is no stranger to controversy. His podcast has presented a variety of alternative viewpoints over the years, and listeners have discussed Rogan’s lack of responsibility for the statements made on his show.

Today, Rogan is dealing with a resurfaced clip from 2011 featuring comedian and actor Joey Diaz. In the clip, Diaz says that he would require women to give him oral sex if they wanted stage time. He says, “That’s the . . . gateway for coming into Hollywood, everybody knows that.”

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Diaz mentions one specific “little blonde.” He says that she was “tremendous” and would have to provide him oral sex every time she wanted to go on stage at The Belly Room at The Comedy Store in Hollywood. Diaz and Rogan both laugh at the story in the clip, especially after Diaz says that the woman wrote him a letter saying, "you broke me."

At one point, Rogan asks Diaz, “How many girls did you have do that?” Diaz says that he had about 20 women doing this. Rogan then roars with laughter and claps.

Joey Diaz
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At no point does Rogan point out that what Diaz is saying is a form of coercive assault or abuse of power. He simply laughs.

Soon after the clip was posted on social media, the hashtag #canceljoerogan emerged. Some social media users pointed out that Rogan himself has two daughters. Comedian and actress Chelsea Peretti was also disturbed by Rogan’s laughter. Many women chimed in on Twitter with stories of being coerced or pressured to engage in sexual acts with men in order to perform on stage.

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The clip in question comes from an episode of “The Joe Rogan Experience.” Brian Redban, co-producer, also appears in the video.

Diaz’s humor is considered by many to be crude and offensive, but his own admission of coercive behavior goes beyond his typical brand. This clip also shows some contrast to Rogan’s more recent standpoints in which he opposes predatory behavior. This is not the first time Rogan has allowed some shady characters to have a platform on his popular podcast.

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For instance, comedian Ari Shaffir appeared on Rogan’s podcast admitting to using MDMA to spike a fellow comedian’s drink as a joke.

Rogan himself has made some controversial statements.

Just last week, Bill Burr appeared on the podcast and lightly criticized Rogan for making fun of people who were wearing masks outside during the middle of a global pandemic.

Rogan's podcast presents a variety of guests, including comedians and controversial figures. He recently landed a high-paying gig with Spotify. At this time, there is no news as to whether the older clip will impact the deal.

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