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A lovely photo showing Meghan Markle and Prince Harry having a swell time at a game.

Reports Say The The Royal Family Has Been In Disarray Since Meghan Markle & Prince Harry Left

Instagram | Meghan Markele & Prince Harry
By Favour

Since Meghan Markle and Prince Harry made the decision to leave their family legacy, the media has not stopped mentioning their names. Mostly, they are either slammed for leaving or cheered for finding the courage to do so. Either way, the media has not stopped talking about them and that includes insinuating rumors about what they could be up to now that they are on their own.

According to the couple, the most important reason why they decided to start over alone, was to raise their son in America. Most of what they aimed at achieving, was securing the best and normal future for him the best way they can.

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An amazing black and white photo depicting love and romance and it looks amazing.
Instagram | Meghan Markle & Prince Harry

When the news of Megxit hit the media, a lot of people were paranoid and there were a lot of rumors regarding their leave. However, a substantial amount of fans were happy and supportive of the couple's decision and wished them well.

As far as rumors go, the former royals have still not been rid of the insinuations that gear up on social media and recently, something else has come up and this goes far beyond any rumors that have sprung up in the past.

An amazing photo showing Meghan Markle with a lovely smile on her face, in a red dress.
Twitter | Meghan Markle

Being the senior members of the royal family only to leave it behind had to have been one of the most difficult events Markle and Harry. However, now, there are rumors on the internet saying that since the lovers decided to leave their family home, it has been in disarray.

With Markle and Harry away from the royal household, the duties fell upon other royals and according to sources, they don't seem to have the charisma that the former royals have.

A lovely photo showing Meghan Markle speaking at an event from a podium.
Twitter | Meghan Markle

The few months after Megxit happened, the other royals in their natural ways decided to carry on as if nothing had changed. In their obvious state, they tried to channel and sell some of the magic, and poise that the Suxxess' had when they were in the royal household. Unfortunately, they realized that people cannot always act like something they are not.

Not too long ago, Kate Middleton was accused of a number of things by a magazine known as Tatler.

Giphy | BBC

According to sources, the royal family may appear to be doing fine in the absence of Markle and Harry, but they are reportedly in a dire state than ever. A royal historian named Sarah Gristwood elaborated on this to Vanity Fair.

"Harry and Meghan leaving the firm has left a void and I think the royal family were at a risk of looking out of touch and dowdy without them." She said.

She also went on to say that with the present situation at hand, involving Prince Charles questioning the 'stiff upper lip' policy, things may start getting bad soon, if they aren't already.

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