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Cardi B with blue hair

Cardi B Sets Record Straight About Her Stepchildren Amid Snubbing Accusations

Gettyimages | David Dee Delgado
By Jacob Highley

Cardi B recently addressed rumors and accusations from readers that she had been snubbing her four stepchildren on social media by not posting about all of them individually. (Especially when they are seen with their biological mother)

The 27-year-old rapper detailed how any speculation about bad treatment from her towards her stepchildren, namely Jordan, Kody, and Kalea, are completely unfounded.

She posted various statements on her social media sharing how ridiculous she considers the latest rumors to be. She has also shared how much her step kids.

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Cardi B with daughter
Instagram @iamcardib

Cardi didn’t mince words, she immeidatley responded to accusations with the following:

““People be so thirsty to create they own narrative it’s not even funny.”

“Like the fact you gotta bring kids up to make a narrative (that’s) in your f*ckin head is disgusting,” she allegedly said in another video.

She didn’t stop there though, she continued by talking about how people are “weird” for focusing so much on her private life and then accusing her of misdeeds just because she isn’t as open about it.

Cardi B with blue top
Instagram @iamcardib

She continued, “Imagine not liking me sooo much (that) you gotta (talk) about my family business cause I don’t post it online….These weirdos really need mental health (treatment) to be so invested in my life that (they) make (up) a story about my kid.”

Fans have applauded Cardi’s straightforward attitude about the event and many comments show support for her stance on the topic.

Although she could have stopped there with her retort, she actually went on to make accusations of her own against people who she believes should be focusing on something else.

Cardi B by the pool
Instagram @iamcardib

Historically, whenever Cardi has taken to expressing her views online, she has done so in a provocative manner. Her reaction video to the news about the Coronavirus spreading, and even her talk with Bernie Sanders sparked a massive news buzz.

Her final words on the recent accusations are no exception to this:

““It’s a special type of mental illness that when you got nothin else to talk about me you start talking bout my family. People act like they live in your garage.”

Cardi B with yellow outfit
Gettyimages | Nicholas Hunt

In 2017 Cardi married rapper “Offset” (Kiari Kendrell Cephus). Sources told HollywoodLife that Cardi’s focus became “all about” the family:

“Cardi is all about family, and now that she and Offset are family, his kids are her family too.”

The two of them remain happily married as reported by several news outlets, but it becomes prettyclear how Cardi wants her family life to remain more private. This was actually unexpected since Cardi is usually a social butterfly online and rarely shies away from media attention.

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