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Janet Jackson Celebrates Teyana Taylor's Album Launch With Hot Instagram Post For Juneteenth

Janet Jackson / Instagram
By Rima Pundir

When they said Black Lives Matter, the whole black community stood up and shouted yeah, and this movement has also been channeled into a black-for-black movement. Wherein black people and people of other color and ethnicities are promising to support each other as much as they can. Janet Jackson just set goals by promoting Teyana Taylor's new album on her Instagram, with a hot post featuring tons of skin show from Teyana herself. Jackson clearly has a heart of gold...

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Janet Jackson Slayed Teyana With A Heartwarming Move

Janet Jackson in one of her performances
Janet Jackson / Instagram

On Juneteenth, Friday, 19th of June, Janet Jackson took to her Instagram page to give a shout out to the new album by Teyana Taylor, and wrote "congrats, sis". Taylor was over the moon and commented on Jackson's page, "OMGGGGGGGGGGGGG LOVE YOU JANNNNNNNN! This means the world to me...". With a senior black artist like Janet Jackson giving a holler to Teyana Taylor, the black support movement is on and gathering steam with celebrities leading the way and showing everyone how it is done.

Teyana's 'The Album' Is A 'Classic'

Teyana Taylor on the cover of her new album "The Album"
Janet Jackson / Instagram

Titled "The Album", Teyana Taylor is reaching musical heights, as Oscar-winner director, Mathew Cherry commented, "Album is high key a classic already". While fans appreciated Teyana Taylor's hot-bod picture in which she stands almost nude, gold covering her nipples and has her hand down her very lose, latex pants, many others took to commenting on how "dope" the album was. Still others applauded Janet Jackson for her selfless move, proving that she still was the queen for many, and was an idol to follow.

Teyana Taylor Has Major Reasons To Celebrate

Teyana Taylor / Instagram

Teyana Taylor has lots of other reasons to be over the moon as well, other than Janet Jackson's selfless promotion of her new album. In the wee hours of Saturday, Teyana posted a picture of the iTunes chart that showed both her new and deluxe albums taking up slot numbers two and three in the Top 40 US R&B albums, with John Legend being at number one. She wrote, "thank youuuuuuuu guys for the genuine love in such a short amount of time. I really put my all into this project & I’m so grateful for all the support, this literally means the world to me and I’m so emotional"

Note To Internet COVID Experts: Masks & Hazmat Suits Were Provided

Teyana Taylor / Instagram

On Friday, Teyana also posted a thank you note on Instagram, for her friends and family who threw a listening party for her, and was blasted by people worried about COVID-19 fears online. So she gave it back in the post, writing, "FYI for all the internet COVID experts, we had REAL COVID Police & medics that made sure we were all safe and able to have a good time all while following COVID regulations. Custom “#TheAlbum” Masks and hazmat suits were also provided! Thanks for the concerns but mama is just fine!"

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