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Danny Masterson's Wife Bijou Phillips Deactivates Instagram Account, Users Dub It 'Karma'

Gettyimages | Michael Buckner
By Rima Pundir

Danny Masterson and wife Bijou Phillips have not released a statement ever since his arrest on the alleged rape charges and subsequent release on bail, however Danny Masterson's sudden silence on Twitter and his wife Bijou Phillip's withdrawal from Instagram speaks volumes. InTouch Weekly first reported that she had deactivated her Instagram account on Thursday, with some 55,000 followers and 924 total posts on it. The Internet is not being kind to Masterson or Phillips as of now, though many hope their 6-year-old daughter Dianna Francis Masterson comes out of this unscathed.

Law Has Caught Up With Danny Masterson

Danny Masterson in happier times
Danny Masterson / Instagram

Allegations of abuse first arose against Danny Masterson in 2017 and he was then fired from the Netflix series "The Ranch". While the allegations were filed in 2017 by four women, the alleged incidents took place between 2001 and 2003, at the time Masterson was on "That 70s Show" with Wilmer Valderrama, Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis as costars. More charges were filed against him in 2019 when women who part of his Church of Scientology also made allegations against him.

Under Pressure, The Family Is Sticking Together

Danny Masterson with wife Bijou Phillips and daughter Dianna
Danny Masterson / Instagram

On June 17th, Masterson was arrested after a three-year-long investigation against him, lauded by all his alleged victims as well as other women who came forward to give their testimonies. His wife Bijou Phillips, an actress known for roles in movies like "Bully" and "The Bridge to Nowhere" has always stood by her husband, and allegedly even ridiculed the victims and their families on social media. When news came out that she had deactivated her Instagram account, Instagram users called it "karma".

Bijou Phillips Has Gone Dark, Masterson Is Silent

Danny Masterson, Bijou Phillips with their baby daughter Dianne
Danny Masterson / Instagram

Interestingly, Danny Masterson's Instagram page remains up, though there are no new posts on it since the last one a week ago. The couple has had a rude shock for sure, though Masterson's guilt or innocence can only be decided by the courts. The couple eem to have retreated in silence to lick their wounds in private. Most celebrities have also kept mum about the whole issue, though Leah Remini, who has spoken out repeatedly against the Church Of Scientology has hailed this decision as one big step.

Bijou Phillips Comes With Her Own Backstories & Allegations

Bijou Phillips with daughter Dianne
Danny Masterson / Instagram

It's not as if Bijou Phillips comes with a clean slate. She was accused of homophobia by co-actor and "Mean Girls" star Daniel Franzese during the shooting of "Bully", for which she later apologized, calling it her "wild teenage years". Her father was John Phillips, lead singer of the Mamas & the Papas and accused of abuse by Bijou's step-sister Mackenzie Phillips. Bijou always stood by her father, never once taking Mackenzie's side and Twitterverse was cruel enough to point it out: "Bijou Phillips is trash just like her husband. Mocking the victims that your husband allegedly raped? Nah, sis."

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