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Jax Taylor puts his hand on Lance Bass' shoulder.

Lance Bass Fires Back After Jax Taylor's Rep Suggests He Lied On Podcast

Gettyimages | Michael Buckner
By Lindsay Cronin

Lance Bass is fighting back after learning the representative of his former business partner and friend, Jax Taylor, had called him out for allegedly lying about the status of their partnership on their beverage company, Just Add X, during an episode of his podcast, "The Daily Podcast," last week.

After telling listeners days ago that the "Vanderpump Rules" cast member stepped down from the company and claiming he could no longer associate himself with the reality star, Lance returned to his show with a new episode.

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Lance Bass Wanted To Give Jax Taylor A Chance

Lance Bass sports blue hair.
Lance Bass | Twitter

"We're getting a lot of hatred towards us because of our involvement with Jax," Lance said during the show's episode on Wednesday, via TooFab. "The publicists and managers get involved and lawyers and threw the biggest wrench in everything and basically said I was lying."

"You wanna know what really went down?" he continued.

After saying that he's known Jax for a long time and knows he can be a "douchebag" at times, Lance decided to go into business with him after feeling that he had turned over a new leaf.

"I was happy to back him and believe in him and I always want the best things for him," he explained.

Lance Bass' Husband Weighs In

Lance Bass dyes hair blonde.
Lance Bass | Twitter

"But then this season started airing and he started reverting back to the same crap he was spewing," Lance continued. "I obviously have not heard anything racist come out of his mouth. I hear tweets. Never heard him say a racist thing."

That said, "90 Day Fiancé" star Ashley Martson has suggested on Instagram that Jax's comment about her black husband's nose was quite offensive.

Regarding the nose comment, Lance's husband, Michael Turchin, claimed Lance told Jax during a phone call that while he may not be racist, he shouldn't be promoting "racist things."

Lance Bass Isn't Impressed With Jax Taylor's Team

Lance Bass sports a blue star.
Lance Bass | Twitter

According to Lance, Jax's comment about the size of Ashley's husband's nose was similar to the use of the word "retarded."

"If you don't know that [is offensive] at this point, that's just your ignorance," he noted.

Michael went on to reveal that Jax's rep attempted to defend his behavior, saying, "Well, I'm Jewish and we have big noses and that's not offensive."

Meanwhile, Michael, who is Jewish himself, said it is "not okay" to comment on the size of Jews' noses either.

Lance went on to say that Jax's team is part of his "downfall."

Lance Suspects Jax Taylor Is Surrounded By 'Yes People'

Lance Bass is seen with two female friends.
Lance Bass | Twitter

"If you're going to put yes people around you, you're going nowhere," Lance said. "We are all ignorant. It's how you deal with it and how you learn from it, that's what people want to see."

Lance went on to say that he wants to "do the right thing" going forward.

"Sorry this got dramatic, but I have to defend myself," he added, "When somebody calls me a liar, I have to tell you what happened."

"Vanderpump Rules" season eight concluded on Tuesday with the third installment of the reunion.

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