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RHOC Tamra Judge Slammed On Instagram For Her Son’s ‘Racist Crap’, Wants Kelly Dodd Fired

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By Kay Lewis

Tamra Judge just can’t over the fact that she was fired from the “Real Housewives of Orange County”. Since News broke months ago that she and co-star Vicki Gunvalson would not be returning to the show, Judge has been letting her loose lips spill all the problems she has with past co-stars. The latest to feel the heat is Kelly Dodd. Judge called for the slick-mouth reality star to be fired after an old “TMZ” interview showed her saying that she would “never date a black guy” amongst some other unsavory things.

Tamra Wants Kelly To Suffer For An Old Interview

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@tamrajudge Instagram

The 2016 interview has been making the rounds and Judge is slamming Dodd for her “disgusting” comments and suggesting Bravo have “zero tolerance” when dealing with the 44-year-old. Unfortunately, for Judge she isn’t very much liked either and fans felt that if she had the audacity to call out Dodd well, she, in return should be called out as well. The 52-year-old was immediately slammed by fans for not putting her son in his place all the times he made racially insensitive comments towards black people.

The Feud Played Out Online

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The feud started when fans asked Dodd how she felt about the fitness guru calling for her to be fired. “She’s just thirsty and mad she got the bullet ... grasping for straws poor thing ... I hope she finds happiness,” replied Dodd. One fan kindly reminded “attention seeker” Judge that her son is way more problematic than her former co-star. “While I agree with Tamra, she should probably worry more about Ryan,” said one fan. Judge’s son Ryan Vieth has been very vocal about being a Trump supporter and has reportedly been called out for making several racist comments both publicly and privately.

Fans Suggested Tamra Keep Her Mouth Shut

Tamra with her son Ryan Vieth and his on/off girlfriend and mother of his daughter
@tamrajudge Instagram

This sparked interest from other fans wanting to know why Judge is calling out other people when she has her own issues to deal with. “What about Tamra’s son?” asked another follower and a third fan insinuated that the entrepreneur has been letting her son get a pass for his “racist crap” for too long. The mom of 4 loves a good confrontation and just couldn’t help but attempt to clap back at her fans by calling their accusations lies. “Ryan is a grown man! His beliefs are not mine,” claimed Judge.

Ryan Has More Than One Incident With Racism In His Past


She replied to another follower claiming she has no control of her first-born child or his actions. “Lie!! He’s a grown man. I have no control over his beliefs.” In the latest season of the show Vieth was on the outs with his brother, Judge’s youngest son, Spencer Barney because of his political beliefs. Barney labeled his brother as a racist because of some of the things he has shared online. The 34-year-old was also called out for a post he commented on in 2018 suggesting that African Americans participate in “mass shootings” daily within their own communities.

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