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Cardi B shows off her new body piercings

Cardi B Shows Off Her 'Painful' New Piercings & Instagram Fans 'Love It'

Cardi B / Instagram
By Rima Pundir

Cardi B is busy showing off her tattoos and piercings on Instagram, happy to take on the pain to make her body look the way she wants to. And to show her fans that she is human and everything hurts, she made videos of her dermal piercings. In them, she held on to Offset's hand while wincing in pain as she not only got two new dermal piercings on her chest but also redid the labret piercing, the one on her lower lip.

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Cardi B Knows Beauty Equals Pain

Pink hair and tats: Cardi B looks like a fairy
Cardi B / Instagram

In the video, Cardi B is shown reclining on a chair as she holds Offset's hand tightly, with the guy doing the piercing doing his stuff as Cardi B yells in pain during the whole process. Honestly, its kind of painful to watch as well, and plenty of fans winced with her in the comments, if not in person. Most fans also loved how "Offset is holding your hand" and gushed about how caring he was being to see his better half in pain.

Cardi B Tells Fans To Leave Her Rolls Alone

Cardi B is proud of her body, rolls and all
Cardi B / Instagram

Cardi B is using all the time she has at home to work on her body and her beauty, even if it's painful to do it. Other than the body piercings, Cardi B has also gained a little weight and got some curves in the process. Recently, when she was accused of photoshopping her picture, Cardi B made a video of herself in a bikini, showing off all that her mama gave her, captioning the video, "Leave my rolls alone".

With Four Dermal Piercings, One Has Got To Go

Cardi B's refreshed tattoo looks beautiful
Cardi B / Instagram

Cardi B also posted another video showing off her dermal piercings to her fans, pointing to the three in a line saying the first one will have to be removed because its old. "I got to take this one off because this one is old. You all know I've been having this one for a long time, but whatever," she says in the video that has more than 11 million views. Despite the pain, she seems pretty happy with the result, and her fans loved her new look as well.

Kulture Is A 'Blessing' For Cardi B

For Cardi B, her daughter Kulture is a blessing
Cardi B / Instagram

When she's not getting body piercings or getting the peacock tattoo filled in, Cardi B is busy gushing about her daughter, who is as adorable as a doll. In a series of pictures she posted yesterday, Cardi B wrote, "When I see you I know I did something right for a blessing like you." Kulture Kiari Cephus was born on July 2018 and is almost going to be two now, and is absolute beauty... The only thing, fans are asking her to keep Kulture away from her and those dazzling new body piercings.

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