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A lovely throwback photo showing family bonding between Damon Dash and Stacey Dash.

Stacey & Damon Dash: Are The Cousins Still Best Friends Or Not?

Gettyimages | Theo Wargo
By Favour

Relationships between siblings are very complicated these days, and don't get us started on the kind of bond that cousins share these days. Some people enjoy their holidays better because they get to see their families, and others, not so much.

However, there is no denying that family always has a way of having an effect on people, even when they always see things differently. Many would opt for that kind of relationship in place of a non-speaking and distant one.

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An amazing photo showing Stacey Dash sitting on the floor with her legs crossed by the fire place as she smiles for the camera.
Instagram | Stacey Dash

Stacey Dash is an example of a family member who grew distant from some of her loved ones due to her views on some issues. Back in the 90s, this actress was considered one of the hottest and incredible stars in the industry.

She was loved and respected by fans, but it took one political view to change all that and several others at that. In no time, Stacey's name became attributed to online controversy and drama, which was no doubt affecting her relationship with family in a way.

A beautiful bonding moment between Stacey Dash and her cute dog and they look so amazing.
Instagram | Stacey Dash

Due to Stacey's political ideology that a large percentage of people on social media do not share, her relationship with one of her cousins known as Damon Dash grew cold.

Aside from missing out on movie opportunities and incredible networks, Stacey also faced shunning among her peers in the movie industry. While these may not be considered as relevant, her relationship with Damon was an today, it is not what it used to be like. Let's find out what the reports are saying about them.

An amazing black & white photo showing Damon Dash dressed in a well-fitted tux and tie, with a long chain around his neck.
Gettyimages | Stefanie Keenan

Being first cousins, the former actress and music guru became very close and shared almost everything together. Stacey opted for the movie path while Damon chose entertainment and usually, they would clash and share ideas.

They totally had a lot of respect for each other and it was a big disappointment to hear that they eventually came apart because Stacey's political ideas became more soar and intense, therefore, attracting a lot of trolls.

While they were still close, Damon introduced Stacey to many of his friends and artists.

A photo shoeing Stacey Dash rocking a grey turtle neck sweater that's covering her chin region and a cap.
Twitter | Stacey Dash

There is no stipulated time as to when Stacy and Damon's friendship began to sink, bit reports once revealed that while Damon was mourning the death of Aliyah, Stacey helped his pull through.

What we do know is that it became more intense and distant after Stacy took to social media to rant about several topics related to politics.

One time, Stacey called out BET Awards and BAFTA for promoting segregation among people.

When Damon was asked during an interview what he thought about Stacey's comment, he simply said that he thinks she gets paid to say things like that.

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