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Pregnant Model Liz Katz Calls Out the 'Freaks' Who Love Her Curvy Look

Liz Katz / Instagram
By Gary Trock

Cosplay model Liz Katz has made a name for herself in the fetish world for the sexy comic book and pop culture characters she dresses up as, but her latest look has attracted a brand new type of audience.

31-year-old Liz is pregnant with her second child and has been leaning into showing off her growing baby bump along with the usual scantily clad content she provides her millions of fans on social media. Recently, Liz took to Instagram to bring some attention to those fans who can't get enough of her pregnancy curves.

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Calling All Freaks

Liz Katz / Instagram

While showing off her figure in a skin-tight dress that showcased her cleavage, along with a growing baby bump, Liz asked her fans:

"Anyone else a freak and low key digging this look?"

The cosplay model got an avalanche of positive feedback on her social media feed.

"Low key nothing. It’s like my number one thing," one fan commented.

"No disrespect but you may be the hottest expecting mother I’ve ever seen! Well except my wife of course!" another excited fan responded.

The photo ended up with over 50,000 likes, so it was pretty clear that people are digging the bump.

Staying Active

Liz Katz / Instagram

Liz has been very open about her pregnancy, including revealing the father to be popular YouTube star H2ODelirious. Even though many of her fans love Liz's physical changes, she's having some issues and has been open about the emotional rollercoaster.

"Feeling so round that I don’t have a point," she recently wrote alongside a photo showing off her growing belly.

One fan asked how the model "keeps herself together" during pregnancy, and Liz gave a great response, explaining:

"just keeping active! Moving is easy but it’s getting up and down that’s hard. It requires a verbal series of grunts to go from laying to standing."

Looking Forward To Summer

Liz Katz / Instagram

Even though Liz has revealed that she is over 6 months along in her pregnancy, she hasn't given fans a due date just yet. However, she may have given some insight to when the baby is due during a recent post about looking forward to the future.

"I’m ready for summer. It’s been rough these past few months for us all. I know summer isn’t going to be all rainbows but looking forward to the new adventures it may bring," Liz wrote.

While she is obviously referring to the quarantine and turmoil going on in America, it also sounds like she's ready to take on the "new adventures" of bringing her baby into the world.

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