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RHOA: Nene Leakes Compares Her Disastrous Reunion Appearance To The Murder Of George Floyd

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By Kay Lewis

“Real Housewives of Atlanta” Nene Leakes just can’t let the explosive season 12 reunion go. The “Swagg Boutique” owner is now comparing her lashing on the reunion to the murder of George Floyd. In a recent interview, Leakes shared that she was extremely uncomfortable at the reunion because everyone on the cast was piling on her and throwing hate her way. Leakes famously ducked out of the reunion during part 2 and did not come back for part 3. She attempted to call another cast member Porsha Williams to say her piece but at that point, it was irrelevant.

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Nene Felt Like She Was "Ganged up on"

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@neneleakes Instagram

The 52-year-old gave her opinion on “the negative side” of the show. “It was just too negative one. Two, I felt very ganged up on,” she shared. The reality star attempted to educate her fans on the definition being ganged up on but made a serious, tone dead blunder. “For all of you out there who can say they don’t know what ganged up on is, Google the definition of ‘gang up.’ Gang up is more than one person on a person at the same time. George Floyd was ganged up on, so no he was physically ganged up on, and I have felt verbally ganged up on many times and that is not fair to me.”

Claims Of Being Singled Out Are Not New

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The dramatic comparison was not the only time Leakes put her foot in her mouth during the interview. She also claimed to be the only one being attacked by the other women. “It’s three and four people and when this show has five and six women on it, who are supposed to be showing their lives and their business and their highs and their lows, why am I being the only person attacked here why am I the only person that everything is being directed to?” To be fair, there is hours and hours of footage that fans don’t get to see but, from what they did see, it looked like all the women were shading one another.

Porsha Had Her "Sisters" Back

Leakes and Porsha Williams enjoying a night out
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Williams even stood up for Leakes and tried to help the other cast members understand her point of view. Fans also argued that Eva Marcille got it just as bad as Leakes because her co-stars were tearing into her because of some of the insensitive comments she made this season. Is the OG housewife being too sensitive? She clarified that she is stuck on this situation because of the toll it has taken on her mental health. “When you constantly do that on television to one person you know, you may not understand, it doesn’t matter how tough they appear on the outside you don’t know what you might be doing to them on the inside.”

Nene's Future On The Show Is Unknown

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She continued, “you also may not understand or know that you may be doing something very mental to them that you shouldn’t, that I just don’t think it’s fair to do.” The housewife proposed that she should start getting her co-stars cheques because she is the only one putting in work. “Everybody on this cast is being paid, so everybody needs to carry their weight okay. I don’t think its fair to put the weight on the shoulders of one person. If I need to carry the weight of the entire show, then I need you to give me everyone’s check okay?” It is a known fact that Leakes does not play when it comes to her money. She is “very rich”.

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