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Demi Lovato poses for a photo

Demi Lovato 'Unfollowed' Over Barack Obama Pic

Gettyimages | Neilson Barnard
By Rebecca Cukier

Demi Lovato now sees upwards of 600 users liking a comment telling her: "Ur getting unfollowed." The 27-year-old singer took to Instagram on Monday to mark June 14's Obama Day. Largely celebrated on Twitter and seeing the "Sorry Not Sorry" singer's Instagram post technically one day late, the appreciation day for former U.S. president Barack Obama also came on President Donald Trump's birthday. Demi's photo today showed her with 54-year-old Obama. The post now appears fully hijacked by a mix of Obama/Trump supporters, the latter of which are seemingly unfollowing the singer.

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'Trump 2020' Shoots Up Comments As Star 'Unfollowed'

Demi Lovato poses in a swimsuit in a hot tub
Demi Lovato/Instagram

Scroll for the photo kicking the storm off. Demi had chosen a joint one of her in a stunning candid moment as she and Obama met. Backed by a U.S. flag, the former "Barney & Friends" star and former President were seen talking, with Demi laughing. Demi, clearly not an avid supporter of Trump, had captioned her photo: "#Obamaday #ohhowwemissyou 🥺💔." A quick look at the comments section shows two things. People who miss Obama and want the man back, and people whose support for 74-year-old Trump can see a pop star, in their eyes, canceled.

'Certainly Don't Miss Him At All', But Non U.S. Citizens Do

Demi Lovato poses with Barack Obama smiling
Demi Lovato/Instagram

The top-ranking comment comes from Demi's boyfriend Max Ehrich. The "Young and the Restless" star clocked himself over 7,000 likes for writing: "Obama is still my President." Also throwing Demi the thumbs-up were the 1,600+ likes left to a response reading: "😩😩😩😩 miss him sm." Then it starts to get a little messy. A popular comment read: "I certainly don't miss him at all," with a likewise upvoted one simply reading: "Trump 2020." Interestingly, though, a comment from a non U.S. citizen voiced support both for Demi and the Hawaii-born former President as the user wrote: "I'm not even American but I miss him." More below.

Getting More Than She Bargained For

Demi Lovato poses in jeans
Demi Lovato/Instagram

Obama Day, which this year incorporated Black Lives Matter as #AllBirthdaysMatter trended on Twitter yesterday, seemed a very 50/50 deal amid the mixed replies. The user telling Demi that was getting "unfollowed" launched a huge wave of comments, although fans didn't seem to think that Lovato – followed by 84.9 million on Instagram – would be that fussed. "I’m sure she’s upset over that," one fan wrote. The thought was echoed by: "Well hello! Does she know you? Does she care?? Probably the answer is NO so keep it going.."

'Hates' Her 'White Privilege' – It 'Feels Gross'

Demi Lovato poses in a bathrobe with her phone
Demi Lovato/Instagram

Demi has been making headlines since the May 25 murder of black man George Floyd at the hands of white ex Minnesota police officer Derek Chauvin. "I hate my white privilege," she wrote in early June. "It feels gross.. like having blood money or something. But I will use it to change things in whatever way I can." The star has also marked the birthday of murdered black woman Breonna Taylor, fatally shot on March 13. "This is not fair. And I pledge to fight with you," Lovato stated on Instagram.

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