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Millie Bobby Brown on grass

Millie Bobby Brown Missing A Toe On Latest Instagram Post?

Instagram @milliebobbybrown
By Jacob Highley

Millie Bobby Brown, best known for her role on the Netflix paranormal/horror series “Stranger Things”, just posted pictures of herself enjoying the sun with her dog on Instagram. The picture is lovely with the 16-year-old actress wearing what appears to be a pair of short-shorts, a skimpy pink top & bra, matched with a stylish sun-hat shading her face.

While a nice picture of Brown is nothing out of the ordinary, the purpose of the picture borders “stranger things” with a twist no one saw coming.

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An Oddity

Millie Bobby Brown with dress
Gettyimages | Amy Sussman

The pictures of Millie show her sitting down next to her dog in the aforementioned outfit. The background shows a large plant in front of a thick tree line. The grass she sits on contrasts her skin tone and exposed feet. Oddly enough however, the picturesque appearance of Millie’s photos are suddenly blown out of the water once the viewer takes a closer look at her toes.

While it is rather looked down on to focus one’s attention on a young woman’s feet, this seems to be a unique exception.

A 'Stranger" Post For Millie

Millie Bobby Brfown in cheetah apparel
Instagram @milliebobbybrown

An added closeup of her feet combined with Millie’s humorous caption immediately details that something is off. She captioned the post saying: “matching w my chicken nugget today 🌴 (swipe for a surprise)”.

Viewers who pay close attention to her feet will realize that she is seemingly missing a toe!

The young actress seemed to actually draw attention to the fact that her little toe on her left foot is either stunted or did not form at all. Even with the closeup though, it was hard to spot for most.


Millie Bobby Brown on beach
Instagram @milliebobbybrown

It is also worth noting that being so young, achieving massive success, and experiencing life in stardom has left a big impact on Millie. In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, she shared how she’s growing as a person as her career develops:

“It’s all about evolving and that’s what I love about being young," the star actress said, "I love learning new things about myself.”

This attitude towards growth is what prompted her to start posting support for Black Lives Matter groups to fight racism.

An Icon

Giphy | SAG Awards

Being an icon for young girls and women everywhere has left Millie in a situation where she can shy away from her public image, or embrace it as a way to inspire others. She told the Bazaar that she’s happy being relatable for other people her age:

“I think about the girls who are going to look at the picture, those young girls that are going to look at me and if they think, ‘Wow that’s what I should dress up as',” she says. "They are my age, so those are the ones I think of. I want to make sure that I’m influencing being your age and being who you are in that time of your life.”

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