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T.I. Says Terry Crews and Candace Owens Are 'Canceled' For Their Views

Rapper and reality television personality T.I. has never been one to shy away from any sort of controversy, and his latest claims about notable conservative Candace Owens and actor Terry Crews further bolster that mentality. T.I. claims that both need to be "cancelled" permanently due to their viewpoints, which the rapper vehemently disagrees with.

T.I. sat down with Nick Cannon on the hit Power 106 radio show to discuss his take on the situation, explaining why the two in question deserve to be cancelled.

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"We don’t all have the same views. We don’t all have the same opinions on how to move forward on what’s going to get us to our goal. But we all have the same fight. We’re all on the same journey. We can’t afford to lose people necessarily. We don’t get those kinds of numbers … We need a rehabilitative approach," the rapper began his candid explanation of the healing he felt was neccesary to fix the systematic issues in the United States.

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"We can have an intelligent discussion. You can either change my mind. I can change your mind. But we still moved forward. I don’t think to drop each other off is the answer all the time," he continued to mention, before admitting that some severe cases, such as Owens, who he believes cannot be fixed and that, " she got to go," due to her highly conservative and often highly controversial comments about race and the state of inequality in America.

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"Now, some severe cases, like Candace Owens. She got to go. I think she a paid plant. I think someone paid her to come out here and speak against everything that the majority of us are standing for. [She’s] not a double agent, she’s their agent. You mean to tell me that there’s no injustice that you ever seen happen on behalf of people of color that you can speak out for? So white people are always right? You telling me law enforcement is always right? You telling me the United States of America has always been right when it comes to dealing with us? And that’s her story. And you can’t trust that story because we have facts that show us otherwise," he said of Owens.

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Beyond his comments about Owens, T.I. circled back to the situation with Crews, who drew criticism for sharing on social media that "black supremacy" could become an issue as well and that all races needed to work in unison.

"I’m still waiting on Terry Crews to speak on behalf of [the Black community]. What he’s doing is, he’s trying to instruct the community to not be so harsh as it pertains to dealing with white supremacy. … We can’t have Black supremacy because we don’t have the tools to oppress," T.I. said of Crews' claims.

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