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Beyoncé Pens The Attorney General To Get Justice For Breonna Taylor

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By Favour

For many days now, America has voiced out their complaints to the government and anyone who cares to listen that they are fed up racial discrimination. This protest began on behalf of George Floyd, his family and every black person in America. Floyd was murdered by a white cop for a crime that he could have been arrested for and processed properly.

After the video of Floyd’s last moments made it to the internet, the black community decided that they were fed up of the ill-treatments.

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Many took to the streets with placards carrying messages and their voices to tell everyone around them that they are tired of racism against the black community. This protest went on for a while and the officers who were involved in the killing of Floyd were charged appropriately.

Floyd’s burial was concluded shortly afterwards and the entire nation paid their respects to him and his family in different ways. All over Floyd's city, residents showered him with love and support with words and flowers.

A placard showing a drawing of Breonna Taylor along with several mesages

Aside from Floyd, there have been similar cases of white cops targeting blacks on the streets, homes or in cars and one of that resulted in the death of Breonna Taylor in Kentucky.

Recently, Beyoncé sent a formal letter to the Attorney General of Kentucky, urging him to take action immediately and bring Taylor’s killers to justice.

Taylor was sleeping peacefully in her Louisville home on March 13, when some officers carried out a no-knock search in her home to look for hidden drugs after they got a tip.

A placard showing bold written letters asking for justice for Breonna Taylor.

Taylor who was asleep at the time, was confused that the police entered her home without permission. Her boyfriend, Kenneth Walker on the other hand thought that they were being robbed, so he fired a shot at the plain clothes officers immediately.

The officers opened fire and killed Taylor in the process. According to the reports, Walker only fired one shot which hit an officer’s leg, but the cops fired about twenty shots. The FBI has promised complete investigation, but they have been quiet for many weeks.


Beyoncé’s letter was explicit and it demanded justice for the wrongful death of Taylor, which was caused by the poultice officers. Here’s what her letter had to say;

“Their incident report states that Ms Taylor suffered no injuries, yet we know she was shot at least eight times. The LMPD officers claim they announced themselves before forcing their way into Ms Taylor’s apartment, but her boyfriend who was with her, as well as several neighbors all say that this is untrue.”

Finally, Beyoncé also noted that Taylor’s family has not been able to move forward because their daughter’s killer is still in the police force and has not been charged formally.

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