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Meek Mill Saves B Simone From Cancellation After Plagiarism Accusations

B Simone / Instagram
By Gary Trock

Meek Mill is going to bat for B Simone after the actress and comedian was accused of plagiarizing excerpts from her new book, and the rapper is making it clear he is not here for the Cancel Culture.

Meek took to Twitter on Sunday hours after social media went nuts when it discovered the Wild ‘N Out star may have lifted parts of her new book from other writers. Simone's book, "Baby Girl: Manifest the Life You Want," allegedly contains writings copied from popular blogs and Internet memes without giving the proper authors credit.

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Meek's Not Having It

B Simone / Instagram

After seeing the masses begin to attack Simone, Meek swiftly shut people down with some passionate words.

"B Simone canceled because she finnesed a book and made her way from the bottom lol what major companies y’all cancel for ripping our culture off? finding ways to display hate towards our own when they start doing good is showing amongst us a lot!" he wrote in defense of Simone.

Meek could not understand the backlash against the Black star by the Black community and aggressively asked for why everyone is cutting Simone down.

"give me ya point why a girl from where we come from should be canceled because she finnesed a lil bit.. I really wanna know how people really think?" the rapper asked.

Bigger Issues


Meek wanted to make a point that there are many people and businesses in the community that do nothing to give back, yet people feel the need to turn on themselves and rip each other apart.

"Ya local Chinese store never gave a free day of food won’t even let you ride if you a dollar short... Saudia prolly spent a million on our hood in charity... but I only see my hood going in on the black lady? I can’t rock wit that ... stop letting these people play us!

Focus On Your Neighborhood

Meek Mill / Instagram

Meek proposed that rather than cancel B Simone, people should look at what they've done for their own communities and start to work for real change.

"I see guys on here that shot whole neighborhoods up talking about b Simone canceled lol it’s really unbelievable," he wrote.

Meek was making some very valid points and made it known that he has taken active steps to give back to the community rather than just look for negative things to do.

"I got shot at like 15 different times in my hood... I’m still pulling up maxing out on charity passing out shit myself ... really pulling up on the corners in a RR telling the trappers and hittaz “come around the corner and help me” and they do!"

Meek also revealed that all his endorsement deals come with a mandatory $100,000 donation to a charity in his community.

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