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A photo showing Mariah Carey in a red shiny dress that has a side slit on stage.

A Timeline Of Popular People Who Mariah Carey Has Butted Heads With!

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By Favour

Mariah Carey is a lovely woman and singer, no doubt about that. But another truth about her, is that she has never denied being a diva. I mean, behind all that pink and glamor, Carey knows deep down that she is a damsel with no stress.

Anyway, that is one of the few things that make her amazing. Besides that, Carey is one of the most successful singers in the world and if she wanted to paint the entire world with her initials, she could.

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A lovely photo showing Mariah Carey with an awesome smile on her face.
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With the fame and wealth comes a lot of head butting and in her line of work, butting heads with people comes easy. There are very few singers in the industry today that have not engaged in public o private feud with a colleague and Carey's name is lost on that list.

In fact, the singer has feuded with other celebrities and those times were nothing short of a mess. Of course, you can always credit tabloids for chipping in some extra details about the drama. So, here is a timeline of celebrities Carey has engaged in an open brawl with.


Jennifer Lopez

Now, that's a shocker right? Well, when you have two beautiful, amazing and talented singers in the industry, something is bound to go wrong in their relationship. Long story short, Carey was in attendance for an interview where she was asked to describe other female artistes. She thought Beyoncé was nice, bit when it came to Lopez she explicitly said "I don't know her." Well, maybe she does now.

Whitney Houston

May her soul rest in peace!

Houston was every little girl's pride in the 90s and though she always sang about tough love, she was still loved and admired by a lot of people.

A lovely Mariah Carey showing off her curves to the cameras in the white & black dress at the premiere of Tyler Perry's 'A Fall From Grace.'
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The media always believed that Carey and Houston had it in for each other, but only pretended whenever they were in public. Also, the singers denied ever being at odd places with each other, but that was also a faux statement. In 2016, Bebe Winans revealed that the singers were tensed around each other.

Nicki Minaj

Now, this is both stale news and not a shocker because if Minaj decides to write down the names of foes she has, she could probably run out of ink. Both Carey and Minaj were judges for "American Idol" season 12. People had a lot to say about the disagreements they always got into and the occasional eye-rolls.


It's amazing what those lashes can do when you don't like someone!

Although things were not always good between them, Minaj went up a notch when she threatened to shoot Carey for criticizing her.


He may be the last on the list and only man, but even the rapper would not mind. Eminem and Carey could have been relationship goals, but they took another path. In 2002, Eminem shaded the singer in one of his rap lines, asking if she wanted to be his new wife.

He later admitted during an interview that they had dated for a while, but as far as liking someone went, the rapper said that he did not like Carey as a person. Ouch!

Carey on the other hand responded by selling another side of the story that they had only hung out four times and talked on the phone.

There you go guys, Carey is indeed the modern-day diva and fans love her.

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