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Halle Berry at a talk show

Halle Berry Wows Barefoot With Flexible Yoga In Rain-Drenched Garden

Getty Images/NBC
By Rebecca Cukier

Halle Berry lit up a rain-drenched jungle setting with her latest yoga session – likely doing the same for anyone catching her latest Instagram appearance. The 53-year-old Oscar winner whose #FitnessFriday honoring stretches back two years appeared on Women's Health Mag's Instagram ahead of the weekend. The zen, flexible, and greenery-adorned yoga stretch seeing the "John: Wick" actress showcase those yoga skills also came with her backing the Black Lives Matter movement in the wake of May 25-murdered black man George Floyd.

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Yes, She's 53 Years Old

Halle Berry poses in gym shorts
Halle Berry/Instagram

Scroll for the photo seeing a fan write: "I try to do like you...not easy." Halle – who completed three years worth of martial arts in just six months for "John Wick: Parabellum" had opted out of a hardcore approach for this week's #FitnessFriday, seen peacefully balancing on one leg and holding the other out with her hand as she stood on rain-drenched wood decking snaking its way through leafy palms and greenery – it looked like it had just rained. If you haven't seen the hardest abs in Hollywood yet, you might want to scroll.

It's About Clearing The 'Negative Energy' – And You Know What That Is Right Now

Halle Berry does a yoga stretch indoors
Halle Berry/Instagram

A caption from Women's Health Mag quoted the actress: “The current state of our country—and the world—makes it very easy to feel afraid, lost, and depressed," it began, with Halle then calling it "absolutely essential" to find ways to "establish calm within ourselves amidst the uncertainty." The Re-Spin founder whose fitness brand is making waves kept promo for her line out of it as she continued to outline how yoga "allows me to move negative energy out of my body." If you aren't familiar with Halle's energy, the abs are below.

'It's Like The Stress Just Lifts Out Of Me'

Halle Berry poses with a chicken dish
Halle Berry/Instagram

Halle continued: "Whatever type of yoga I practice, focusing on my breath and really feeling my body as I flow through and hold poses really centers me. It's like the stress just lifts right out of me.” Halle – followed by 6.2 million on Instagram – updated last week by meditating in a ripped shirt for a post that currently sits at over 150,000 likes. The hard-hitter has, however been showcasing more ripped looks of late. The sweat-drenched abs reveal as Halle peeled off her Re-Spin waist-slimmer on May 29 sits at over 490,000 views.

'Threw The Kitchen Sink' At Her Abs

Halle Berry poses with abs on show
Halle Berry/Instagram

Middle-aged she may, but Halle has been proving she's got abs to rival the 20-somethings. In fact, she's opened up on the rock-hard torso, saying: “Last fall, when I was preparing for my film #BruisedTheMovie, I set the goal to build really visible, muscular abs. I had to look (and perform) like a professional MMA fighter, so, in addition to practicing MMA for four hours every day, I was also doing about 45 minutes of general strength training and 15 minutes of work just on my abs. We threw the kitchen sink at my core and, let me tell you, it took serious dedication."

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